Farber Procures Electronic Signature Capabilities with DocuSign©

March 25, 2020
Farber Procures Electronic Signature Capabilities with DocuSign©

We’ve all experienced new and unexpected challenges conducting business during COVID-19, including the challenges that come with working remotely. Fortunately, getting documents signed no longer requires people to meet face-to-face.

To keep the cogs of commerce turning, Farber has adopted DocuSign©, an electronic signature solution that we’re incorporating into our service offering.

DocuSign is the industry standard in executing legally binding agreements electronically. There’s no faxing, scanning, or printing of documents, it’s easily integrated with electronic forms and documents, and it removes the need for people to get together physically to complete contracts or other documents – a feature that’s essential in the time of mandatory physical distancing.

Farber has introduced DocuSign across the Firm, providing access to the necessary tools for business transactions of all types. For Farber’s restructuring clients, we’ll be able to facilitate finalizing and signing of bankruptcy and proposal documents, cash flow forecasts in Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) and Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) proceedings, court reports, agreements of purchase and sale and related closing documents as well as inspector meetings in bankruptcy proceedings.

In addition to the execution of documents, DocuSign will enable tracking and security, including an audit trail, a date stamp, and the assurance that comes with authentication and encryption.

We’re all looking for innovative ways to keep business rolling through this extraordinary time. Farber is committed to providing practical solutions to our clients, and electronic signatures will be an efficient and important part of that.

Please let any of our professionals know if you have any questions about our implementation of DocuSign.

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Allan Nackan is a Partner at Farber and co-leads the firm’s Restructuring practice. His practice focuses on corporate insolvency and restructuring, financial advisory services, cross-border restructuring, fraud investigations and forensic accounting. Allan can be reached at 416.496.3732 and anackan@farbergroup.com

Hylton Levy is a Partner at Farber and co-leads the firm’s Restructuring practice. His practice focuses on corporate restructuring and insolvency solutions, distressed financial advisory services and corporate consulting advisory services. Hylton can be reached at 416.496.3070 and hlevy@farbergroup.com.