The One Secret to Enhancing Executive Presence

September 28, 2018

Do you know how your audience perceives you?

Work presentations, client pitches, or causal chats with your colleagues can be challenging, but they don’t have to be. However, pinpointing the external perspective can be equally as tough.

Formal speaking engagements can offer a great chance to build your reputation, but they also offer the opportunity to explore the audience’s perspective. The reason for this is simple—formal speaking events usually have cameras rolling.

Tessa Desatnik, Director of Circle & Square at Farber, suggests that video footage, along with the insight it can provide, is the secret to enhancing your presence and delivering talks that resonate with your audience—no matter how big or small.

With that in mind, reviewing video footage, on a regular basis, is the single most effective way to master the narrative technique and to achieve two important goals:

    1. spotting the things you do, that you don’t know about
    2. identifying key content points that require more work

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Tessa Desatnik is a Director in the Circle & Square practice at Farber. She focuses on improving the communication skills and confidence of clients. She can be reached at 416.704.3884 and

Barry Pokroy is the founder and leader of Circle & Square, and a partner of Farber. As a Clinical Psychologist, he has in-depth knowledge and experience in adapting the insights of psychological theory to the demands of the corporate environment. Barry can be reached at 416.496.3079 and