Establishing IT Governance: An Eight-Step Process

July 12, 2018

Is your IT governance aligned with the company’s objectives and mission? According to Steve Litwin, such governance provides direction and tools to board of directors, executives, and CIOs to guarantee that IT meets and exceeds the organization’s expectations.

IT governance provides a structure for aligning IT strategy with business strategy. More importantly, it’s the method by which decisions are made around technology investments. Establishing IT governance in an organization is an important way of ensuring that policies and procedures are followed.

Below are 8 steps to establishing IT governance in an organization:

  1. outline your organization’s course on IT governance
  2. establish an implementation plan
  3. establish a road map and plan for long-term strategies
  4. aim for short-term objectives and wins
  5. recognize and administer IT-related risks and opportunities
  6. re-evaluate policies on a consistent basis
  7. enhance the transparency
  8. institute exceptions to processes in the governance processes

Overall, IT governance exists to help leaders make IT more effective in supporting the company’s objectives and mission, and it helps bring issues to light as well as understanding among staff and personnel.

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Steve Litwin is the Founder of Litcom, and a strategic IT partner of Farber. He can be reached at 416.200.8014 or