With 22 years of experience as a communication and presentation skills consultant, Tessa has a systematic, comprehensive, and insightful approach to help individuals and teams develop self-awareness and communicate more effectively.

Her training helps clients apply core communication techniques in the workplace and in their personal lives. Tessa’s approach results in enhanced communication skills—a key component of effective leadership and relationship building with partners, clients, and team members.

Her clients value her commitment, passion, expertise, targeted feedback, and direction.

Of interest...

  • founder of The Sharper Image of Speech and Drama (1991) which focused on individual and group instruction using speech and drama as the medium for enhancing presentation skills, vocal technique, and building self confidence
  • co-founder of Now You’re Talking (2001), a program focused on providing presentation skills to students ranging from elementary to university students

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Education & qualifications

  • Licentiate Teacher (LTCL), Trinity College of London, England (1993)
  • Associate Teacher (ATCL), Trinity College of London, England (1990)
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa (1988)