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Protect, Grow and Preserve Your Wealth as a Business Owner

Our financial planning team takes the time to understand your business and family dynamics. We’ll get clear idea on what you’re trying to accomplish and what’s important to you. We create custom solutions to the problems most business owners face, and provide guidance across all platforms—helping you achieve your long-term financial goals.

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Your goals as a business owner should support your vision. This is where Farber Wealth can help. The end result? A holistic financial plan for your business, where we focus on achieving your unique goals.

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Farber Pyramid

Triangle for business owners

With the triangle for business owners below, the six steps are different to that of individual financial planning. They are as follows:

  1. Maximize legacystrategies that make sure the wealth you’ve built goes where you desire when you’re gone
  2. Maximize retirement incomeincome sources, timing, business exit plans and taxation
  3. Maximize retained earningsoptimize the use of retained earnings to diversify your business wealth
  4. Minimize taxreduce exposure to taxation in the short and long term
  5. Maximize structural securityensure your corporate structures have the future in mind both for tax planning and risk minimization
  6. Minimize financial riskprotect your business from loss of the people who drive its success

Need a benefits plan for your employees?

Your employees are your number one asset—and their corporate group benefits should reflect this belief. We provide comprehensive guidance across major risk, investment and administration platforms. Get started

The Financial Planning Process for Business Owners

Our process for business owners focuses on ensuring your requirements and benefits are maximized to create a lasting legacy and optimize your wealth. We provide an action plan that will minimize your financial risk and maximize the wealth your business creates.

Your business is a wealth-creation machine. Most businesses have at best notional wealth. We help successful owner-operators monetize their life’s work.

Entrepreneurs often risk it all on an idea. When it‘s successful, you need a team of professionals to help you maximize the wealth you’re creating and minimize risks you face. As your financial planner, our holistic planning approach will give you the clarity and confidence you need to make your financial goals and dreams a reality.

1. Discover

As a team, we collaborate to gather an understanding of your needs and concerns and together we establish the highest priority problems that need to be solved. Our comprehensive planning process enables us to work with you in guiding the team, making it a simple, cost effective and optimized throughout.

2. Analyze

Once we understand the important issues based on your priorities, we outline our findings in a written discovery summary. When we review it together you’ll have a chance to decide whether to move to the next step.

3. Engage

Once you engage with us to help you solve the problems outlined; you’ll have opportunity to select exactly how you would like to engage our services

4. Recommend

We recommend the best corporate strategies and tax efficient solutions that will support your financial goals. We consider a broad range of financial products and solutions that meet your needs and ensure a good fit to your corporate culture.

5. Implement

We are strongly focused on staying within the recommended structures, working with you to create solutions that will minimize your risk, protect cash flow and create strategies to benefit the organization, enabling growth. The journey should be easy to manage and simple to understand.

6. Track

As a business owner we know that your circumstances change. It’s inevitable. We work with you to track and review your plan, whether on an annual basis or as circumstances change. We recommend, plan and adjust your goals as your requirements change.  Staying on target is as important to us as it is to you, and as a team we work with you to achieve this.

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