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Ensuring your employees’ wealth, health, and income are protected

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Our experienced team of wealth management professionals, including CPAs, actuaries and CFPs, will help your employees set and achieve their long-term financial goals.

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Our Solutions

1. Member Replacement Ratios

We make sure each of your employee’s current retirement savings are sufficient for their life after work. We prepare member replacement ratios which will tell us what plan is the most adequate to replace their final salary at retirement.

2. Group Risk Services

Our team offers you the best risk services and strategies, annual risk costing reviews and negotiations—all while providing expert advice on finding the risk provider that’s the best fit for you.

3. All Costing Analysis

Our advisors conduct a well-rounded all costing analysis as it pertains to your group benefit fund. This includes extended medical benefits, critical illness, disability income protection, life cover and investment portfolios aimed towards retirement.

4. Investment Consulting

Our investment consultants provide fund investment risk profile analysis, the best investment strategy recommendations, and reporting on fund returns and market trends so you stay up to date.

5. Asset and Liability Consulting

Whether you’re a corporate or individual client member, our team of experienced actuaries and financial analysts will provide asset-liability modelling, a method of establishing an investment strategy that is personalized to your unique liabilities.

6. Actuarial Services

Whether you prefer an administrator appointed actuary or one of our experienced actuaries, at Farber Wealth we offer in-house actuarial services that will help determine, assess, and plan for any possibility of financial risk.

7. Member Financial Management Workshops

We provide financial planning workshops that focus on investment planning, retirement planning, and all general financial matters—ensuring employees feel confident in their financial plan.

8. Member One-on-One Financial Plannings

Based on a personalized financial analysis, our advisors will provide employees with one-on-one planning, tailored to their own unique long-term financial goals.

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