Every business will face some form of financial stress in its lifecycle. How you are able to effectively manage these pressures will determine the success of your business.

Whatever challenge you’re facing, you don’t need to go at it alone. Farber’s team of restructuring experts can help you constrain these pressures, working with your team to develop strategies that are adapted to meet your business objectives.


A business' financial distress can place significant pressure on its owners, management team, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders. From value erosion to damaged credibility and loss of stakeholder trust, it’s important for businesses to manage these challenges proactively and strategically.

Farber has a deep history in restructuring clients in crisis. We’ve helped banks and lenders deal with underperforming loans and investments; we’ve assisted financial and legal advisors who have clients who need strategic guidance and crisis management, and we’ve supported a wide range of businesses as they manage through a period of financial difficulty.

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A formal restructuring isn’t the only way to help a business in distress. Our turnaround service goes beyond mere cost-cutting and financial engineering. We start with an understanding of the current situation, analyze what is most likely to happen under various scenarios, and then we prioritize actions and manage stakeholders.

We work with your business to improve cash flows and enhance transparency, work with your team to optimize operations, and structure and support the management team to work through the volatility and uncertainty.

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Stressed & Distressed Transactions and Advisory

Have you recently asked the bank to waive covenants or amend terms? Are you feeling pressures from your key suppliers, or other stakeholders due to cash-flow or other financial challenges? Have you been asked to sign a forbearance agreement or has your account been sent to special loans group at the bank? If so, the time to act is now.

Decisive and swift action is required to survive and maintain control of your business, and a specialized and collaborative approach is the only way to respond to these challenges.

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Personal Financial Restructuring

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees have successfully guided over 100,000 Canadians out of debt, earning their trust in finding the confidence that comes from leaving their debt behind.

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