Market Intelligence

Proactively determining market threats—and trends—ahead of the competition

External market intelligence supports your organization’s strategic planning function by gathering and analyzing market information and efficiently identifying market opportunities, competitors’ strategies, and the viability of your product or services.

Opportunity Mapping

An effective opportunity discovery process starts from the inside-out—and from the present to the future. Starting with your company’s capabilities, our team looks at the category landscape, the marketing value chain, and the consumer decision journey to help uncover hidden opportunities. We can also assist you in identifying under-served markets, gaps untouched by competitors, or new opportunities resulting from changes in commerce, distribution, technology, or the social environment.

Aziz Memon leads the Marketing & Strategy practice of Farber. 
Aziz Memon

Competitive Landscape Mapping

Competitive intelligence informs successful strategies. Our team can help you identify the priorities of your competitors—specifically their market, audience, products, messaging, and sentiments—allowing you to discover their weaknesses, identify threats to your brand, find market gaps, and position your business for growth.

Market Analysis

A robust market analysis will help you determine the viability of a product or service, attractiveness of a market, and evolving opportunities and threats related to your organization’s specific strengths and weakness. We consider a wide range of factors—including market size (current and future), market growth rate, market profitability, industry cost structure, and marketing trends—to provide invaluable insight for both your business and marketing strategies, pointing you in the right direction for success.

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Our market intelligence team finds opportunities and threats by analyzing external market information while assessing the viability of your products and services within relevant environments.

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