Interim Management

Delivering expert talent when you need it most

When an executive leaves their position or a critical project is underway, it’s important to secure an interim resource fast. We provide rapid access to high-impact executives.

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Charlene Bergman
Charlene Bergman

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Solutions, not resumes

We deliver the help your team needs when you need it most. Whether you need an interim professional to help guide decision-making, transform an operation or function, deliver information, effectively manage finances or people – we’ll assess your needs and help you find the right person for the time you need them.

A people-centric approach to bridging the gap

With our candidate-centric approach and industry expertise, we’re able to rapidly match the skills of candidates with the interim management needs of the businesses we work with. Whether an organization is looking to implement best practices, execute a long- or short-term project, or needs to bridge a resource gap following an executive’s departure, we’re able to provide them with the talent they need.


Farber is proud to be the exclusive Canadian member of IIC Partners – an international executive search organization with over 55 global offices.

We offer

Rapid response and delivery through a deep network of resources with experience in:

  • distressed situations
  • mergers and acquisitions, planning, and integration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation
  • reporting and compliance
  • large program/change management projects
  • strategic planning
  • compensation, employee relations, and HRIS implementation

An experienced team:

  • leveraging Farber’s business advisory experience
  • industry expertise
  • extensive networks

Flexible solutions:

  • customized pricing and delivery
  • standalone or bundled solutions with other Farber services
Reducing the Stress of a Career Transition

Reducing the Stress of a Career Transition

Find out how
How the agile workforce is driving the need for interim executives

How the agile workforce is driving the need for interim executives

See how
How to succeed in an evolving workforce

How to succeed in an evolving workforce

Learn how

We focus on interim roles in

  • executive roles
  • mid- to senior-leadership and management roles
  • functional specialists in finance, marketing, sales, human resources, operations, and technology

We work across multiple industries, where our services and solutions add value by enabling our clients to respond to urgent challenges and ensure continuity.

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