Fractional Management

Obtaining the skills while staying on budget

Not all businesses need or have the budget for a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). That’s when a fractional executive may be the answer.

With our extensive industry expertise and broad network, we can help meet your needs.

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Charlene Bergman

Finding the Right Executives:

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On-demand financial expertise and support

When your company is growing quickly, you might require the services of a CFO but not have the budget to hire one full-time. A Fractional CFO can provide part-time financial support, as needed. Whether your business is experiencing rapid growth, is involved in a merger or acquisition, or is taking on funding, our on-demand model provides the financial expertise you need.

Human resources services that suit your needs

Growing businesses often need human resources support, but don’t require a full-time HR executive. That’s when a Fractional CHRO is needed to help set your business up for success. Our fractional model can support your growing company secure cost-effective HR support as needed, and also help transition to full-time support when the time comes.


Farber is proud to be the exclusive Canadian partner of IIC Partners – an international executive search organization with 450 consultants around the world.

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Whether your company is public, private, or non-for-profit, our financial professionals will support your needs with fractional CFO services.

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