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Responsive CFO services—that deliver results—when you need them

A well-managed business requires a balance of skills and experience. Our fractional CFO services are ideal for businesses large enough to have identified a greater need for strategic, forward-looking financial management, but not yet requiring a full-time CFO.

Finding the skills while staying within budget

Many businesses find themselves at a tipping point—they can no longer keep up with their financial, accounting and bookkeeping needs, but aren’t in position to hire a full-time resource.

Farber provides fractional CFO services that enable organizations to realize the benefits of an experienced CFO, without taking on the cost of hiring full-time. Whether you need someone to help guide your in-house financial team or you need advice on how to prepare for an IPO or raise financing, Farber can find the right fractional CFO for your organization’s unique needs.

Find Executive Opportunities
Ian Brenner is a Partner with the Interim Management & Executive Search and Performance Improvement practices at Farber. 
Ian Brenner
Charlene Bergman
Charlene Bergman

Finding the Right Executives:

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Fractional CFO services to support your needs

Whether your business is experiencing rapid growth, is involved in a merger or acquisition, or is taking on funding, our services meet your needs by providing on-demand financial management support. Fractional CFOs support your business through the transition to a full-time CFO. No matter the challenge, our on-demand model provides the financial expertise you need.

Skilled, experienced financial professionals

With our services, you have access to both our experienced professionals and our customized solutions. We’ll meet your needs, no matter your industry or situation, working with you to determine the appropriate scope of an engagement and to deliver on agreed objectives.

Farber’s Fractional CFO practice provides access to skilled and experienced executives with a track record of success.

Candidate resources and events

People are not commodities and relationships matter—by placing human connection first, we are an enabler of career and business aspirations. We hope to connect with you at an upcoming event. You can also browse our articles to find other resources to support you in your career transition.

Meet your team

Whether your company is public, private, or non-for-profit, our financial professionals will support your needs with fractional CFO services.

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