Circle & Square – Facilitation

Behaviour impacts business

We provide the tools and insights that enable effective and meaningful dialogue at all levels of organizational functioning.

Facilitating the move from A to B

We help close the communication gap to ensure that effective dialogue moves the team forward toward next steps or resolutions.

Barry Pokroy Partner Circle & Square

Barry Pokroy

M.A. Clinical Psychology
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Ian Brenner is a Partner with the Interim Management & Executive Search and Performance Improvement practices at Farber. 

Ian Brenner

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The Open Door Policy: Hiding Behind Open Doors

An example of what can go wrong when great ideas aren’t carefully executed. Read more.

Understanding human behaviour

Facilitation promotes objectivity throughout interpersonal engagements for effective resolutions. Our facilitators draw on the richness of psychological theory and insights to manage different personalities.

Sessions that meet the needs of your teams

We facilitate sessions that are personalized to the topics most relevant to your organization. Whether it’s gaining alignment on a strategic retreat or addressing conflict, we help individuals and teams move toward meaningful engagement and solutions.