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Whether it’s a sales pitch, a boardroom meeting, a networking event, or a formal employee evaluation, the way that you convey your message has the power to either inspire and motivate your listeners or discourage and alienate them. To make sure you’re presenting your ideas clearly, authentically, and respectfully, you need to cultivate your executive presence—the ability to communicate confidently both verbally and non-verbally.

How do you show up?

As a business leader, it’s critical to know how others perceive you when you engage in both formal and informal conversations. Do you appear nervous or uncertain? Does your body language distract from your message? Is your accent difficult for others to understand? To answer these questions, and more, you need to know how you show up when you are presenting.

Tessa Desatnik is a Director with the Circle & Square practice of Farber.
Tessa Desatnik

Sharing your story with confidence


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The One Secret to Enhancing Executive Presence

Understand how your audience truly perceives you, read more.

Communicate with confidence

Our executive presence training and coaching can help you develop the self-awareness you need to better engage and inspire your listeners—from individual clients, colleagues and team members to large stakeholder groups.

Working either one-to-one with individual clients or through the delivery of group training, we can help you:

  • understand how you show up in any interaction
  • identify both strengths and areas for improvement in your communication style
  • eliminate visual or verbal distractions that may be undermining your message or leadership
  • communicate more succinctly and with greater impact

The three Vs

Whether you are new to the world of multi-modal communication or have experience presenting in high-stakes situations, our executive presence coaching can help you up your game by providing you with a new lens through which to view your delivery style in three critical areas:

  • Visual communication. Master the gestures you use, your facial expressions and your posture to eliminate visual distractions, connect with people in more meaningful ways, use your body language to convey confidence and authority, and adopt motivated movements designed to engage your audience.
  • Vocal leadership. Learn to modulate your vocal delivery to communicate your message unambiguously and authentically. This aids engagement, recall, and impacts your credibility and leadership.
  • Verbal messaging. Discover the best practices that can help you decide what level of information to share with your listeners, structure your content to engage your audience, bolster your presentations with visual aids and include compelling content in all of your communications.

Maximize your potential

Your career success is directly affected by your ability to respectfully contribute your opinion, lead and inspire those around you. That’s why it’s important to work with professionals who have experience helping leaders maximize their potential. We use proven approaches—such as video recording and targeted feedback—to equip you with the skills you need to engage, inspire, and connect with your listeners.

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