Human Conversations Intervention

An effective workforce is an engaged workforce. Anxiety, depression and burnout are common mental health concerns that arise from disengagement. These not only negatively affect an individual and their personal outcomes, but often compromise a team’s effectiveness.

Recognize and address your teams' needs

This training supports those who support others; leaders. It teaches them to recognize the emotional pulse of their teams and act accordingly. Drawing on Circle & Square’s psychological framework, this training also provides a platform for participants to speak, be heard, and foster resilience.

Leaders will learn about advanced listening techniques and supported dialogue. By addressing the emotional and psychological component of crisis or change, they will be able to provide their teams with the support they need to function optimally.


Equip your organization's emotional first responders

As emotional first-responders, it is important that leaders are equipped with the skills and psychological insights they need to first diagnose their team’s issues and then provide the support and resources needed.

We focus on three areas:

  • addressing the emotional exhaustion and burnout of teams and leaders
  • tailoring psychological insights to real-time challenges
  • transferring tools, techniques and psychological insights to teams and leaders for future use

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