Emotional Intelligence Training

Harnessing the power of human connection

An emotionally healthy workforce requires a shift in mindset.

Our proven training methods use clinical psychology to help people realize their full potential—in turn, leading to better work performance.

Barry Pokroy

Barry Pokroy

M.A. Clinical Psychology
Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens


The circle and the square


Harnessing the power of emotional connection


Building meaningful relationships at work and beyond is a powerful tool

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What is Circle & Square?

We’re the team at Farber that provides training, coaching, and keynote talks to help individuals and organizations elevate their performance by improving their people skills.

We shift attitudes from task-centric to people-centric, helping individuals build meaningful engagements with their customers, colleagues, and employees. Building these connections not only ensures consistent and positive experiences for customers, it creates a culture of connection in your organization and improves your employees’ performance.

Our philosophy and methods are based in clinical psychology and cutting-edge research—not to mention our more than two decades of experience in organizational reform.

We’ve worked with large and small companies—and everything in between—internationally.

Change Management

Our Change Management training provides insights to help leaders guide organizations through change initiatives.

We train leaders to consider and manage the psychological, relational, and emotional effects that change can have. This enables them to motivate their teams to navigate change and defuse conflict, while securing organization-wide engagement and buy-in from employees.

Advanced Customer Experience

We offer customized training for your employees to help instill the importance of connecting with their customers—ensuring you not only retain existing customers, but attract new ones.

Instead of using the task-oriented and high-pressured service practices of the past, we’ll help your employees tap into their soft skills and will give them the tools they need to connect with their customers.

Conflict Management

In our Conflict Management training, we’ll provide your leaders and employees with the knowledge and tools they need to manage conflict—whether it’s between leaders, teams, stakeholders, clients, or any combination.

Using simple psychological frameworks can help in the management of conflict towards resolution.

Leadership Development

A good leader is always developing their skills and those of their team. In our Leadership Development offering, we teach leaders to develop an approach that encompasses three critical components to a high-functioning team. These include balancing the needs of the task, the individual, and the team.

This translates to getting results, building morale, developing teams, increasing productivity, and is the mark of a successful leader.

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