Connecting in a Disconnected World

Addressing connection and mental health in the workplace

Is burnout quietly draining your team? Burnout, emotional exhaustion and a blur between work and life are just a few symptoms of a disconnected and fatigued workforce. Left unchecked, these can profoundly impact a person’s wellbeing, mental health, and consequently, their productivity at work.

Avoid burnout and build resilient teams

Creating a psychological sense of belonging in your organization is essential to building resilience and avoiding the consequences of burnout.

To address the crisis, it’s important to equip leaders and employees with the psychological skills and insight to:

  • tackle the emotional exhaustion that can lead to burnout
  • foster a sense of belonging and connection in their teams in order to combat isolation and loneliness among members
  • bolster psychological resilience at the individual and group level


Barry Pokroy

Barry Pokroy

M.A. Clinical Psychology
Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens


Remote Work: The Need for Connection


Connection is the antidote

An engaged workforce is an effective workforce, but leaders may find it difficult to motivate and engage their team members while they balance their own workload and symptoms of disconnection. In many cases, working remotely has only exacerbated this issue.

In our work with leaders and organizations, we’ve found that:

  • burnout is extremely prevalent at every level and across every function
  • exhaustion is at an all-time high and people are feeling a lack of control
  • people are working longer hours, yet feeling less productive
  • wellbeing has declined for the majority of people

Program structure and outcomes

Through our training, participants are provided with sustainable solutions to help reconnect to the ‘human dimension’ when managing themselves, employees, and clients. Specifically, they will gain insight into:

  • understanding how to establish psychological boundaries
  • the psychology of burnout and recovery
  • the impact of isolation on mental health
  • ego-based decisions
  • engagement and productivity
  • how leaders can flex and adapt
  • building sustainable recovery practices

Connecting in a Disconnected World: Mental Health in the Workplace

Barry Pokroy and Dave Stevens discuss the profound impact of disconnection, its link to burnout, and share insights for managing this crisis. Read the article

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