Circle & Square – Conflict Resolution

Conflict impacts business

We provide the tools and insights to address conflict resolution—enabling effective and meaningful dialogue at all levels of organizational functioning.

Conflict happens

Disagreements are inevitable in any relationship—especially ones in the workplace. However, most of the time, disagreements can be solved quite easily. Nonetheless, at times, workplace conflict will require a neutral party to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Barry Pokroy is the founder and leader of Circle & Square Inc. and a partner of Farber. 
Barry Pokroy
M.A. Clinical Psychology
Ian Brenner

Conflict isn’t your problem—it’s your inability to resolve it

Organizations call us when they are facing a variety of reoccurring workplace conflicts, including:

  • prolonged disagreement in an executive team or between board members
  • lack of communication within teams and between departments
  • discord between two colleagues
  • leaders struggling to mediate conflict amongst their employees
  • a culture of avoiding difficult conversations, including performance conversations

A unique approach to conflict

The Circle & Square approach to conflict resolution was developed during the most heated and contentious type of conflict: couples’ therapy. For the last 20 years, the C&S team has taken the same skills of respectfully mediating facts, perspectives and emotion, and applied them internationally to the business realm. We approach conflict with the underpinning belief that meaningful dialogue and productive outcomes are almost always possible. In fact, conflict can mean the beginning of a new and better way of doing things.

We have developed a proprietary methodology to conflict resolution that combines the wisdom of psychology with extensive experience in the corporate world. Once we conduct an initial assessment, we work with conflict in the following ways:

Conflict Training

Our coaches & facilitators run group workshops designed to empower leaders with the psychological insights and skills to effectively navigate conflict. In this workshop, you learn a psychological model to prevent and manage heightened emotion when conflict occurs. You also discover how to identify key moments when conflict is most likely to happen and learn the skills of advanced listening to speed up consensus. Participants walk out of this training with practical models and real-life experience to handle conflict effectively.


Often key decision-making events require a neutral third party to mediate and ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome. Or conflict has become so engrained in how a team functions that they benefit from having an external perspective to break them out of the cycle. Circle & Square mediates a variety of situations, from one-off conversations between two people, to a series of facilitated sessions. Mediators balances perspective, asks pertinent questions and handles heightened emotion to ensure that objectives are met.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching with an individual or small group of people is tailored to meet individual challenges in a targeted way. Participants learn and entrench skills relevant to their needs and their situation. Many people struggle to stay calm during conflict. They either are unable to speak up when they need to, or say too much. Conflict coaching is an effective way to enhance a leader’s skill in practical ways, such as coaching on body language and messaging.