Leadership coaching that inspires personal growth and improved performance

Growth and education are lifelong pursuits. The knowledge and skills to become a leader or progress in a leadership position are often best gained through one-on-one leadership coaching.

Prioritize your development

Leaders are expected to fill multiple roles, and may be pulled in many directions. Professional development can quickly fall to the bottom of the priority list. A leadership coaching program is an investment that can pay off for any organization.

Barry Pokroy is the founder and leader of Circle & Square Inc. and a partner of Farber. 

Barry Pokroy

M.A. Clinical Psychology
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Taly Fleischer, Taly Fleischer Circle & Square

Taly Fleischer

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Coaching designed for the corporate world

Our coaching programs are specifically tailored to meet the demands of the modern corporate environment, offering a combination of hard- and soft-skill training to ensure delivery of measurable results while connecting with all stakeholders.

Tailored programs to suit your needs

No matter what skillset or area of development, we can build a coaching program personalized for each client. Whether you’re transitioning to a new role, inheriting a larger team, or need help managing interpersonal conflicts, we can help.

Meet your team

Our team will help you develop as a leader, energize and inspire your teams, and execute on your top priorities.

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