Human Capital

Your people are the pillars of your organization’s success–from building an organization’s structure, to hiring, developing, motivating, and retaining the best talent available–Farber is positioned to support you.

We maintain a network of professionals who are ready and qualified to fill any position, we work with businesses to help train and coach leadership and management teams, ensuring they’re guiding your organization with confidence and providing your teams with the support they need.

Interim Management

Whether you’re seeking a resource for a specific project or you need to fill a suddenly vacated position, you can trust Farber to help you find the interim executive you need.

We’ve placed C-level professionals to help growing organizations achieve their potential and faltering organizations find their footing. We’ve also filled interim positions to bridge a gap following the departure of a key resource, and placed leaders with unique expertise to guide a specific project or expansion plan.

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Fractional Management

As a start-up or a rapidly growing business, you are in a unique situation: you need a higher level of expertise, but might not yet be able to afford it nor need a full-time resource.

While many of your financial decisions were once implemented by accountants and bookkeepers, your business will reach a point that you’ll need an experienced CFO to guide you through more complex situations. Our Fractional CFO services are geared to support you with a flexible, on-demand solution.

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Circle & Square – Leadership Training

When you make lasting and sustainable changes in your people’s performance, you’re making lasting and sustainable improvements to your business.

Farber’s Circle & Square practice, provides clients with the clinical psychology-backed training, executive coaching, and consultation methodologies to help your entire team perform at its best. Through seminar-and boardroom-style training, our expert team integrates science, theory, and practice to promote well-being, personal growth, and a sense of belonging.

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Circle & Square – Executive Coaching

Growth and education are lifelong pursuits. The knowledge and skills to become a leader or progress in a leadership position are often best gained through one-on-one leadership coaching.

Our team will work with you to enhance leadership skills, inspire your team, and execute on your top priorities.

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Circle & Square – Executive Presence

Whether you are a senior executive of a company or another member of the team, your career success is directly affected by your ability to present your ideas clearly, authentically, and respectfully. In order to cultivate your executive presence you should be able to communicate confidently both verbally and non-verbally.

That’s why it’s important to work with professionals who have experience helping leaders maximize their potential.

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Circle & Square – Conflict Resolution

We provide the tools and insights to address conflict resolution—enabling effective and meaningful dialogue at all levels of organizational functioning.

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