Human Capital

Your people are the pillars of your organization’s success—that's why we’re positioned to partner with you, supporting your organization through the entire employee journey.

Our team of business-oriented consultants will work with you to design and implement your human capital strategy, supporting you to attract, retain, and develop top talent in an engaging culture. We will help build your organization structure, HR framework, and processes. In addition, we help train and coach leadership and management teams, ensuring they’re able to guide your organization with confidence and provide your teams with the support they need.

Human Capital Advisory & Support

If you're a business leader or HR professional, we can provide guidance to help you re-imagine and execute on the Human Capital elements that support your organization's strategies.

In partnership with Heymann Consulting Group, we provide best practice advice and solutions to help you re-imagine and execute on the Human Capital elements that support your organization's strategies.

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Interim Management

When a critical project is underway or one of your executives departs, leaving a gap in your resource base, accessing expert talent at short notice is critical. With today's rapid work pace, quickly identifying and securing high-impact candidates is more important than ever.

Our Interim Management team will provide you with rapid access to high-impact executives to help bridge a departure, implement best practices, or execute a critical long-term project.

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Fractional Executives

As a start-up or a rapidly growing business, you are in a unique situation: you need a higher level of expertise, but might not yet need or be able to afford a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

Our Fractional CFO and CHRO services can provide you with the flexible, on-demand support you need.

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Executive Opportunities through Farber

If you're an executive looking for the next step in your career journey, we can help. We provide insights and guidance on career transition, hiring trends, interview preparation, and managing employer expectations. We also help you prepare for a new role.

We work with organizations and candidates to place leaders in the following functional areas:

  • finance
  • executive leadership
  • human resources
  • operations
  • sales and marketing
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Circle & Square – Emotional Intelligence Training

When you invest in your people, you make lasting and sustainable improvements to your organization.

Through our Circle & Square practice, we provide training in Change Management, Advanced Customer Experience, Conflict Management, and Leadership Development to help your employees perform their best.

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Circle & Square – Executive Presence

Just as a person’s reputation is based on how they present themselves, a business’s image and reputation is created by its employees.

Our Executive Presence coaching and training sessions teach individuals and groups how to present themselves—or ‘show up’—in a way that maximizes their potential. The skills learned in these sessions lead to clearer and more authentic verbal and non-verbal communication.

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Circle & Square – Executive Coaching

As a leader, it’s common to hit a plateau or find your skill set has a blind spot.

Our Circle & Square team will work with you one-on-one to enhance your leadership skills and providing you with the tools you need to inspire your team and execute your top priorities.

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Circle & Square – Keynotes & Webinars

Whether you're looking to train 20 people or 500, our keynote speakers can deliver what you need.

We offer keynote talks on a variety of topics that provide you and your employees with the tools, language, and skills needed to make meaningful connections—at work and beyond—and improve performance.

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Executive Career Transition

As a business, there may be times when you have to cut ties with an executive on your team. These are the moments when your actions define your brand as an employer. Choosing the right partner to support career transition is critical.

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