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Professional guidance for your tax dispute needs

Helping clients resolve all aspects of tax issues including tax controversy, dispute resolution, and tax litigation.

Tax authorities can be unforgiving

Whether you are being audited, disputing a tax bill, or fighting collections, we can help you. We have considerable experience managing and resolving disputes with tax authorities.

Our team of experienced tax professionals have successfully represented clients against the CRA on a wide variety of tax matters. Trust our leadership to guide you through your tax problems.

Visit Farber Tax Solutions to learn more about how our tax professionals can help you understand and overcome your Canadian tax challenges.

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James Bell

Experience where it counts

We have successfully dealt with tax authorities at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. We have extensive experience in audits, objections, tax litigations, collections, voluntary disclosures, taxpayer reliefs, and remission orders.

Trusted advisors

Tax is complex. Our team of highly skilled ex-CRA officers and lawyers work together to provide a fully customized approach to solving our clients’ problems.

Tax law

Farber Tax Law is an independent, affiliated tax litigation firm serving clients across Canada. We advise individuals, partnerships and corporations on both income tax and GST/HST issues, provide representation against federal and provincial taxing authorities. Our team of tax lawyers have extensive experience dealing with objections, audits, tax court appeals, voluntary disclosures, requests for taxpayer relief, and CRA collections actions.

Whether you require help with dispute resolution, tax controversy or tax litigation, our team is committed to obtaining results by helping you understand your tax issue and providing innovative solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

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