Balanced books are only one piece of an organization’s financial puzzle. Once you step outside of your day-to-day operations, there is no shortage of financial hurdles and unique opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for financing, help with a merger, asset recovery, or litigation support, our team of professionals can help you overcome any financial challenge.

Debt Financing

Access to financing is one of the most critical challenges facing small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Capital markets offer a wider and more convoluted array of debt products than ever before. Coupled with stringent lender requirements, it can be challenging to find the money you need to fund an expansion, finance an acquisition, or re-finance during a transition.

Our professional advisors can address this gap by arranging customized financing for any size business, including start-ups. Our strong relationships with diverse lenders means that we can source the right lender(s) and the most appropriate financing structure. This avoids or lessens difficulties and/or costly delays for our clients.

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Equity Financing

Our professionals have extensive relationships with risk capital providers, ranging from institutional and private equity providers to high net worth individuals. We can assist you in negotiating optimal terms with the partner best suited to your organization’s needs and objectives.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying, selling, or combining companies can drive business transformation, support long-term growth, or gain liquidity for exiting shareholders. However, a transaction that doesn’t have the right professional support can fall short in terms of maximizing value or result in a failed deal.

Our team of professionals can help your business with its acquisition or divestiture plans—from the planning stage to closing. We can help your organization throughout the entire process ensuring you get the optimal value out of the deal.

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Business Valuations

Knowing the value of your business may not be critical in your day-to-day operations. However, situations—both transactional and notional—require professional and defensible business valuations. Valuation services can assist both public and private firms in transaction execution, succession planning, dispute resolution, reorganization, and estate and tax planning.

Our team of chartered business valuators can help you determine the fair market value of your company, providing you with the confidence you need to execute your financial strategies.

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Business Modelling & Analytics

Businesses rarely grow in smooth, straight lines. There are peaks, valleys, and plateaus along the road, and although no model can predict it perfectly, the more you plan, the more effective your decision making becomes.

Our business modelling professionals create sophisticated financial models for companies at all stages in the business life cycle. Whether you’re a startup or mature business, we can help you understand the potential outcomes of your vision.

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Fraud Forensics & Asset Recovery

Uncovering and recovering misappropriated assets requires extraordinary legal powers and specialized forensic techniques. Experienced forensic and asset recovery specialists can help victims recover not only their sense of control but also the assets that they lost.

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Estate Trustee During Litigation

During ongoing litigation, the court may approve an individual or trust to administer an estate and fulfill the responsibilities of an executor. If you’re involved in litigation, Farber can help you preserve assets, obtain the required documentation, and disseminate evidence to all parties.

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Litigation Support

Farber has worked with police forces, governments and companies of all sizes to provide expert opinion reports and testimony related to computer forensics, forensic accounting, fraud and financial investigations, financial damages and business valuation.

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Tax Solutions

Working with the CRA is not easy. Excessive interest and penalties, audits, and collection action can strain an organization. Our team of former CRA professionals, lawyers, and accountants provide organizations of every size with personalized, cost-effective solutions for tax challenges.

Through our Farber Tax Solutions arm, we offer expertise in everything from collections negotiation and voluntary disclosure to notices of objective and audit support. Don't take on the CRA alone.

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