Marketing Research

Base your strategic marketing decisions on market truths

The value of information is in its usability and how it is interpreted and actioned. By conducting in-depth information audits to define your research objectives and recruiting the best research partners for your needs, our team works with you to provide pragmatic solutions that improve ROI.

We translate findings into potential solutions so that you get the real insights that you need to make strategic decisions.

Brand Audit

Even with the best management, brands can lose relevance if they’re not subjected to an audit every three to five years. An effective brand audit looks at the brand from all angles to help identify the differences between company and customer viewpoints. Our brand audit process is always tailored to the needs of your brand—and is designed to uncover ways to increase its performance in an ever-changing landscape.

Aziz Memon leads the Marketing & Strategy practice of Farber. 
Aziz Memon

Segmentation and Profiling

Solving sales and marketing challenges starts with knowing who your customer is, what their needs are, and who their key influencers are. It demands a comprehensive and disciplined approach to customer segmentation and profiling.

We start with your existing customer data and then conduct additional research to fill potential gaps. Our segmentation modelling process blends both qualitative and quantitative techniques to help you identify and size your most significant and profitable segments. The result is a more accurate description of your ideal customer—and the tools to find more of them.

Path to Purchase

To better connect and communicate with consumers, businesses must understand the path by which consumers discover, learn, purchase, and experience a product or service. We help organizations better identify key touchpoints in four primary battlegrounds: initial consideration, active evaluation, moment of purchase, and post-purchase experience. We can even help you turn existing customers into evangelists.

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Our research team uncovers the truth by presenting evidence-based insights that you need to make strategic decisions.

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