Change Management

Properly prepare your organization and your people for the future

Change is a given in the rapidly evolving world today, though many organizations that experience it are often not prepared for the resistance they face. People can be hesitant to change, but by understanding and preparing their mindsets, careful planning, clear communication and establishing appropriate metrics, we can help your business prepare for transition.

Change management is an oxymoron

As much as we may want to, we don’t manage change, change happens—our response and attitude toward change determines the success of the transformation effort. Our insights into psychology, grounded in clinical practice, help us nurture transitions in major organizational changes.

Barry Pokroy is the founder and leader of Circle & Square Inc. and a partner of Farber. 
Barry Pokroy
M.A. Clinical Psychology
Adam Silver Managing Director Performance Improvement
Adam W. Silver
M.A. Econ

Confessions of a Change Agent

Many organizations still struggle to gain buy-in for their critical change initiatives. What’s the disconnect?

Clear processes, incentives and accountabilities

We believe change management works best when people understand what is expected of them. We’ll help you identify and define the changes your organization needs to take to successfully implement your strategy. We will develop key performance indicators to track success and create sustainable value.

Knowledge and insight precedes action

People often fail to change when they do not understand what the change is or what is expected of them.  If they are lacking the skills to execute in the new paradigm, they will fail.  We have proven methodologies to build critical capabilities in leadership and the experience to successfully support an organization roll out new processes.

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Our experienced change management group helps businesses develop transition processes, and the communication and training plans to help the organization change. Our executive coaching programs help key individuals and their teams move effectively through major changes.

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