There are peaks and valleys in every organization’s lifecycle. When it’s time to step up to the next level, or when performance or efficiency trend downward, the fresh eyes of a trusted advisor can help you and your organization change gears.

Our team of experienced professionals find solutions to help you maximize your potential. Whether you need to expand into a new line of business, improve operational processes, or are simply looking for ways to reduce expenses, we can help.

Business Strategy

There are many reasons to work with an outside consulting firm to build your business strategy: perhaps you want a third party to act as a sounding board, or you need expertise in a new market or industry. Whatever your reason, Farber can support you to realize your vision.

Our advisors are professionals with business experience who can help your organization clarify its objectives, identify its desired future state, bring insights into competitors and customers, and build alignment with your team. Our combination of a facts-based approach, rigorous process, and people-centricity sets us apart.

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Operational Excellence

To maintain their competitive edge, companies need to continuously evolve by adopting best practices from outside their industry and engaging their people.

Our advisors specialize in developing holistic solutions that will help you clarify the different roles in your organization. We will rigorously evaluate your processes to identify those that need improvement, set up relevant and timely metrics, and drive accountability. Our aim is to unleash your people’s potential and ultimately help you create value.

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Robotic automation can be a powerful tool for organizations, helping them perform select operational processes with consistency, higher quality, and lower costs. Leveraging proven business technologies that have recently become less costly and more effective, our team can deliver step-change results.

If automation is the answer, we’ll help you analyze the benefits and potential pitfalls, and build an implementation plan. We work with technology providers to ensure solutions are customized for your needs, and partner with you to implement the tools to scale your business.

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Procurement & Expense Reduction

Purchased products and services for companies often exceed 80% of their cost base. This means that spend analytics, quality and efficiency of the supply chain, and cost reduction should top your business priorities.

We leverage our network of industry professionals to help you evaluate potential vendors, consider make-or-buy decisions, and analyze your existing purchasing processes and systems. Our experienced team will help you find creative ways to negotiate contracts and deliver savings. We align interests and put our skin in the game; we are confident we can help you save real money.

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Organizational Design

Done right, an organizational redesign can breathe new life into your business and inspire your team with a newfound energy for innovation. When a reorganization is done haphazardly, it can be a time-consuming and costly exercise that destroys morale and risks key talent.

Our team will help realign your business to its core strategy, reduce costs and redundancies, streamline decision-making, and increase your customer focus.

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Change Management

Change management involves striking the right balance of process and people, and we’ve assembled a team of experienced professionals who can help your organization maintain that balance.

We help your team ensure key performance indicators are lining up with your business’ overall strategy, and develop a methodology to nurture and guide your entire organization through the transition.

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Business Modelling & Analytics

Businesses rarely grow in smooth, straight lines. There are peaks, valleys, and plateaus along the road, and although no model can predict it perfectly, the more you plan, the more effective your decision making becomes.

Our business modelling professionals create sophisticated financial models for companies at all stages in the business life cycle. Whether you’re a startup or mature business, we can help you understand the potential outcomes of your vision.

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IT Strategic Advisory

Technology affects all aspects of business. With a comprehensive, integrated IT strategic plan in place, organizations can transform their IT operations and drive value through innovative technology solutions.

Our technology team draws on specialized knowledge to help you adapt to new technologies and implement strategic plans that enable progress, support growth and generate value. We take time to understand your goals and will implement strategies to achieve your objectives. Our IT Strategic Advisory service offering includes: IT assessments, digital strategy formulation, information security health checks and merger & acquisition due diligence.

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IT Implementation

Businesses are continually looking to increase productivity, efficiency, and performance. Naturally, the implementation of new technology can accomplish that. However, whilst introducing new technologies is essential to running a successful organization, how you choose to introduce and implement technology can be a critical factor in their failure or success.

From strategy through to implementation, we help you solve complex business issues by combining process and industry knowledge with deep expertise in enabling technologies and packaged software. Our IT Implementation service offering includes: data visualization, vendor selection, post-merger integration and ERP optimization

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IT Staff Augmentation

There may be times when your IT staff is short of the necessary skill sets you require to ensure your operations run as optimally as possible. Having the proper resources when you need them is crucial for maintaining business flexibility.

Our strong industry network and deep IT background gives our customers a strategic advantage to tap into a skilled and experienced pool of IT resources to lead, supplement, and strengthen your teams. Our IT Staff Augmentation service offer includes: interim CIO, project management/business analysis, technology infrastructure, and security specialists .

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Market Intelligence

External market intelligence supports your organization’s strategic planning function by gathering and analyzing market information and efficiently identifying market opportunities, competitors’ strategies, and the viability of your product or services.

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Marketing Research

The value of information is in its usability and how it is interpreted and actioned. By conducting in-depth information audits to define your research objectives and recruiting the best research partners for your needs, our team works with you to provide pragmatic solutions that improve ROI.

We translate findings into potential solutions so that you get the real insights that you need to make strategic decisions.

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Marketing Strategy

To thrive in today’s business environment, you need a targeted marketing strategy to help you respond swiftly to changes in evolving customer perceptions, expectations and demand. From branding to product development, find out how we can help you build a robust strategy designed to strengthen your relationship with consumers.

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