There are peaks and valleys in every organization’s lifecycle. When it’s time to step up to the next level, or when performance or efficiency trend downward, the fresh eyes of a trusted advisor can help you and your organization change gears.

Our team of experienced consulting professionals find solutions to help you maximize your potential. Whether you need to expand into a new line of business, improve operational processes, or are simply looking for ways to reduce expenses, we can help.

Business Strategy

There are many reasons to work with an outside consulting firm to build your business strategy: perhaps you want a third party to act as a sounding board, or you need expertise in a new market or industry. Whatever your reason, Farber can support you to realize your vision.

Our advisors are professionals with business experience who can help your organization clarify its objectives, identify its desired future state, bring insights into competitors and customers, and build alignment with your team. Our combination of a facts-based approach, rigorous process, and people-centricity sets us apart.

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Organizational Alignment

Done right, an organizational redesign can breathe new life into your business and inspire your team with a newfound energy for innovation. When a reorganization is done haphazardly, it can be a time-consuming and costly exercise that destroys morale and risks key talent.

Our team will help realign your business to its core strategy, reduce costs and redundancies, streamline decision-making, and increase your customer focus.

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Automation Readiness

Robotic automation can be a powerful tool for organizations, helping them perform select operational processes with consistency, higher quality, and lower costs. Leveraging proven business technologies that have recently become less costly and more effective, our team can deliver step-change results.

If automation is the answer, we’ll help you analyze the benefits and potential pitfalls, and build an implementation plan. We work with technology providers to ensure solutions are customized for your needs, and partner with you to implement the tools to scale your business.

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Business Modelling & Analytics

Businesses rarely grow in smooth, straight lines. There are peaks, valleys, and plateaus along the road, and although no model can predict it perfectly, the more you plan, the more effective your decision making becomes.

Our business modelling professionals create sophisticated financial models for companies at all stages in the business life cycle. Whether you’re a startup or mature business, we can help you understand the potential outcomes of your vision.

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