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Mutually beneficial business partnerships

At our core, Farber is a people business. With our mindset to actively seek opportunities to collaborate, our partnerships and alliances are an integral part of who we are as a firm.

When we partner with an organization, it’s an opportunity for us to connect with like-minded people so we can mutually benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge. We work with other organizations to not only broaden our network and knowledge base, but to also share our expertise and create an exchange of value.

Making business work better, together.TM

Logo for Luminari, featuring a small case "i" in a turquoise square to the left of the Luminari wordmark

Luminari is a professional community of over 15,000 CPAs with a focus on education and continuing professional development. Their native podcast app; LumiQ, features engaging conversations with business leaders that count as verifiable CPD for CPAs.

Farber is a strategic partner of Luminari’s, allowing both organizations to access the other’s learning resources, network, best practices and professional community. You can listen to Farber experts sharing their knowledge on LumiQ by listening to Tessa Desatnik discussing soft skills, Alan Farber outlining Farber’s unique culture, Adam Silver talking about culture building post-integration and Charlene Bergman discussing interview prep.

YPO logo, featuring geometric navy blue triangle with a golden triangle centre to the left of the letters YPO

The Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) is a global platform for chief executives to engage, learn and grow.

Farber is a sponsor of YPO’s Toronto Chapter, one of 16 Canadian chapters. This partnership allows Farber and YPO Toronto members to share ideas, insights, business opportunities, and exciting career possibilities. Additionally, our Circle & Square practice provides training and coaching for several of the group’s forums.

Reveal Group logo, featuring two blue curved shapes to the left of the Reveal Group wordmark

Reveal Group is recognized as an international leader in Operational Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools.

As we help our clients grow and transform, automation is often a key component in their development. Reveal Group’s service offerings perfectly complement ours, making them our go-to partner when a client requires cutting-edge workflow or automation services.

Froese Forensic Partners logo, featuring a greenish-yellow circular shape to the left of the Froese Forensic wordmark

Froese Forensic Partners is one of Canada’s largest independent financial investigation firms, specializing in forensic accounting and fraud investigations, financial damages, corporate investigations, and many other services.

We have been a long-time partner of Froese, and together we provide our clients with seamless solutions to their most complex forensic needs.

Heymann Consulting Group Inc. logo, featuring a golden unicorn to the left of the wordmark

Now, more than ever, navigating your company’s future is dependent on taking a transformational approach to your Human Capital.

Our partnership with The Heymann Consulting Group broadens our capabilities to help the leadership of companies and their HR teams re-imagine and execute on the human capital elements supporting their strategies.

Respected as trusted advisors for mid-market businesses across many sectors, whether public or private, The Heymann Consulting Group has deep experience in viewing human capital and talent challenges and opportunities through a lens of practical business understanding. Clients will benefit from their thought leadership in pinpointing strategic recommendations and delivering pragmatic, on-target, solutions.

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