Is Your Organization’s Data Secure in the Cloud?

February 8, 2018

Evaluating Cloud Computing Options: Is Your Organization’s Data Secure in the Cloud?

Cloud computing technology is here to stay and rapidly gaining mainstream business adoption. Technologies are meant to simplify human efforts and provide convenient usage of their products and services, and there is little doubt that the cloud has introduced a revolutionary answer for most, if not all businesses. However, the cloud does have its risks.

Risks to consider when evaluating cloud computing options

Although security remains a top concern for companies, there are other risks to consider and manage throughout the cloud computing journey. These include:

  • cloud compatibility
  • compliance of The Cloud
  • location of data
  • reliability
  • sustainability
  • regulating cloud technology
  • future growth

Despite the risks, businesses of all sizes can leverage the cloud to increase innovation, collaboration, and efficiency. Researching, asking the right questions, and selecting the right suppliers will all contribute to helping to minimize risk.

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Steve Litwin is the Founder of Litcom, and a strategic IT partner of Farber. He can be reached at 416.200.8014 or