Onboarding Coaching for Your Executives​

Coaching to set your newly hired leaders up for success

Your leaders are key hires and they should be treated as such. Immediate and long-term engagement starts on day one, so it’s important they feel as supported as possible—that’s why executive onboarding coaching is a natural extension of our search process.​

Executive Coaching, Communication, and Presence ​

The deep level of understanding and trust we build during the search process creates the ideal foundation for successful onboarding coaching. 

Our coaches will work closely with you and your new leader to provide a customized and successful coaching experience—with a focus on integrating the newly hired leader into the company, accelerating their credibility with key stakeholders, and expediting their ability to contribute and make an impact in their new role​.

Barry Pokroy

Barry Pokroy

M.A. Clinical Psychology
Tessa Desatnik

Tessa Desatnik


Program Overview

Phase 1: Executive Coaching (two one-hour sessions) 

  • current role evaluation—challenges and opportunities
  • behavioural assessment
  • take-aways and action plan

Phase 2: Communication & Presence Coaching (two one-hour sessions) 

  • establish understanding of needs and challenges within new role
  • introduction and assessment 
  • debrief and establish coaching targets
  • take-aways and action plan

Employee orientation centers around and exists to help the individual employee, but it is the company that ultimately reaps the benefits of this practice.​

- Michael Watkins, Author of “The First 90 Days”

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