Insolvency Lawyers Lead Technology Race: Allan Nackan Details Farber’s Mobile App Resolve As a Much Needed Resource

The Law Times
October 24, 2017

Jim Middlemiss of The Law Times wrote an article recently called, “Focus: Insolvency lawyers lead technology race” where he interviewed a number of insolvency lawyers and practitioners to equire about their usage of technology in their practice.

Middlemiss writes:

When it comes to insolvency-specific apps, the pickings are slim.

However, Canadian business consulting firm Farber Financial Group has built RESOLVE, an app that covers Canada’s insolvency and restructuring world.

Allan Nackan, a trustee in bankruptcy in the insolvency group, says the app is now in its second version and has been upgraded.

It includes a section involving CCAA filings.

As well, the app has a number of model orders, from CCAA initial orders to receivership orders and Mareva or Anton Pillar orders.

There is also a section covering relevant statutes and regulations, including major U.S. and foreign jurisdictions.

One of the more prominent features is the “Door Sheet” — a daily posting of the cases being heard in the Toronto Commercial Court.

Nackan says, “I know a lot of people use it. Some judges I speak to love it.”

It’s particularly helpful since the court stopped sending out an e-mail blast to users bout the docket. They must now go to the court’s web site to find the information.

“It’s not easy to find the info,” Nackan says. “We actually process that info and present it in a friendly, readable fashion.”

If you would like to read the full story in The Law Times, click here.

Farber’s RESOLVE™ app is the ideal companion for lawyers and law firms that deal with or have an interest in corporate insolvency and restructuring.

Produced by Farber’s in-house development team and available for Apple and Android operating systems, the app aggregates all the information lawyers and law firms need to manage insolvency and restructuring cases in Canada. What’s more, the app is regularly updated with legislation and best practice changes.