Canadian Association of Credit Counselling Services inducts Alan Farber into the CEO Honour Roll

Farber News
September 28, 2017

The Canadian Association of Credit Counselling Services (CACCS) honours Alan Farber, Founder & Joint Managing Partner of Farber, at their Annual Conference.

Alan was inducted into the CEO Honour Roll by Henrietta Ross, the CEO of Canadian Association of Credit Counselling Services. In handing over the award to Farber, Ms. Ross said, “A remarkable ambassador of financial well-being for Canadians, our honoree, Alan Farber, exemplifies the essence of our CEO Honour Roll through his heartful leadership, his innovative spirit and the generous sharing of his profound wisdom and insight.”

The award is bestowed to individuals who demonstrate three core qualities. Heart – reflecting personality, spirit, courage and enthusiasm; Passion – reflecting a powerful desire and a compelling devotion; and Expertise – reflecting mastery and profound insight.

Alan accepted the award on behalf of all Farber staff, who he credits as the ones making the real difference in people’s lives. “The Farber team advises clients facing debt and insolvency problems using a socially conscious approach. We take care of them as human beings first,” says Farber. “When people walk into our offices, they are invariably stressed out and distracted, so the first thing we do is acknowledge and validate their very emotional state.” That includes alleviating the stigma and self-blame by reminding clients that even with the best laid plans, unavoidable circumstances or pure bad luck can put them in debt.

Alan reports that most people leave the office with a sense of relief. “They now see a light at the end of the tunnel and feel more in control.”

Though the firm offers a set of financial solutions helping people out of debt, Farber says it’s the human interaction that’s key. Alan strongly believes that in sectors that offer parity services, the family, human and collaborative culture of the firm gives it a tangible competitive advantage.

Alan Farber is the founder and Joint Managing Partner of Farber. Since 1979, Alan has been a driving force in transforming the firm he started into one of the leading independent providers of financial and business advisory services in Canada.