Adam W. Silver Interviewed by CUIT 89.5 Radio’s Career Buzz

CIUT 89.5 FM
May 26, 2016

Adam W. Silver, the Managing Director of Farber’s Performance Acceleration practice recently spoke with Nicole Hamilton of Career Buzz, heard on CIUT 89.5 FM radio and over the Internet.

Adam discussed his career path and background, a day in the life of a management consultant, the role performance acceleration plays with companies (from supply chain to the executive suite), building the Performance Acceleration team, his charity work with groups like Social Venture Partners and Unity (that uses hip hop to reach youth and create vibrant communities). Finally, Adam gave career advice to those interested in management consulting.

Click here to listen to Adam’s interview on CIUT 89.5 Radio’s Career Buzz.

Click here to read the radio transcript of Adam’s interview on CIUT 89.5 Radio’s Career Buzz.

Career Buzz empowers lives, enriches careers and energizes organizations. Since 2006, they’ve broadcast unedited and unrehearsed conversations featuring extraordinary career stories of ordinary people, and insights from thought leaders on career management, better workplaces and innovation.

Adam W. Silver is the Managing Director of  the Performance Acceleration practice at Farber. The Performance Acceleration practice helps executives and boards overcome operational and strategic challenges to uncover potential and unleash performance. Adam can be reached at 416.496.3734 and