Meet Thomas Devera

Thomas standing in front of a white Honda Civic Si

Thomas is fairly new to Farber, having joined the IT group a year and a half ago. But his technical talents go well beyond IT to the world of custom cars—when he’s not tinkering in tech, he likely has his head under the hood of his Honda Civic Si.

An auto hobbyist at heart

“I spend my weekends working on my car,” says Thomas. “I had a 2002 before but decided to go newer with a 2014. It was available at a good price, so I had to jump on it.” On top of his Civic, he and a couple friends impulsively pitched in to buy a project car—a 1990 Mazda Miata.  “We just bought it one weekend,” he says, “and agreed we would turn it into a monster!” For the moment, the car is cooling its wheels at his buddy’s house while they figure out the logistics of the rebuild.

He developed his passion for all things auto by watching his Dad, who always seemed to be working on cars. “As soon as I got into it, I realized how much fun it was. But I had to save up some money because it’s a super expensive hobby.” He tends to buy his parts online or through local shops. “I try not to spend too much because it’s a horrible investment—maybe I should be saving for a house,” he confesses.

Mixed martial arts

Thomas got involved in the martial arts at an early age, including taekwondo and jiujitsu, as well as boxing. “It takes a lot of discipline, which is more important than just self defense. It trains you how to think in tough situations.” As a fan of mixed martial arts, he has an admiration for characters like Oscar De La Hoya, who isn’t afraid to take the punishment that comes with the sport.

f mark multiple colours

Anime anyone?

Thomas has also gained a taste for anime, the hand-drawn and computer animation that originated in Japan. “I especially like watching sports anime,” he says. “It’s amazing how inspired you can feel from what are essentially cartoons!” He is also impressed by some of the food anime he as seen. “The drawings are amazingly real.”

Road trip!

Travel for Thomas has mostly been in the US and principally on the east coast. On a road trip to Florida, he recalls trying to save a bit of cash by avoiding toll roads. “Unfortunately, it took us forever,” he jokes, “and we didn’t know where we were much of the time, stuck in mountain mist on two-lane roads to save what was probably a few dollars!” He also has a taste for warmer climates, with fond memories of the Philippines, Cuba, Mexico, Belize and the Dominican Republic. “I’ve been able to work on my Spanish a bit,” he says, “but cerveza and gracias were probably my most used words.”

At home at Farber

Thomas considers it easy to get along with the people at Farber and finds everyone to be friendly. “No one is pressured or uptight – it’s an easygoing environment and a pretty close-knit group.” Being in IT, he gets to interact with the whole firm which he also sees as a great benefit.

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