Meet Taly Fleischer

Selfie of Taly in Israel

Taly’s current area of expertise is in leadership coaching, but she also spent three years as an ambulance medic—in Montreal and Israel—while pursuing her university studies. “It was an amazing experience and I just loved the intensity and the excitement of it. There was an adrenalin rush whenever the bell went off, since you never knew what was waiting for you at the scene.” An added perk was working onsite at concerts, including Elton John and Guns & Roses, where avid fans sometimes needed a little medical attention.

Family Focus

Taly has a busy home life, centered on her two children, ages 12 and 10. “They’re really great kids and quite mature, but they can also be a bit crazy.” Studies and sports seem to keep them out of trouble, with gymnastics, golf, tennis, biking and hockey filling the calendar—though her son’s new BMX bike just added a new risk element to the equation.  There’s also a five-year-old Havanese dog they’ve had since he was a pup who’s not to be ignored.

Parenting responsibilities have been heavier for Taly, after losing her husband to cancer nine years ago. “Being a mom and dad means that I wear all hats, and I need to be good cop and bad cop at the same time.”  Her experience taught her to appreciate and enjoy every family moment, no matter how small, “we need to realize what we have and ensure we spend time where it counts—that means doing what you’re passionate about while being surrounded by people you love,” Taly reflects.

During her journey, she also learned the value of community, “there were those who stepped up to help and those who were touched by my blog.” What started as a diary of sorts—providing status updates on her husband’s condition to friends and family—ended up generating over 60,000 followers and was even used to train nurses at Princess Margaret. Taly concludes, “In the end, everyone has a story and I am happy mine was able to help others in similar situations.”

f mark multiple colours

Visiting places unknown

When she can, Taly loves to travel, which is sometimes best enjoyed “without a plan.” When she finished school, she took a trip to Barcelona and lived with a family for two months. “I started with no Spanish but could soon sit at the dinner table and have a conversation.” Taly’s passport has gotten quite the workout over the years—visiting places such as Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela.

For future travel, the African continent is high on her list, including a safari. “I just love visiting new places and I think everyone should take the time to experience cultures that are different from their own.”

Food, Fun and Photos

“I like any and all food,” she says. “I also love trying new things and fortunately my kids do too.” But for Taly, it’s less about preparing food and more about the socializing that goes with it. “Entertaining while eating is what we really enjoy,” she explains.

With more time, she’d try photography as a hobby. “I was recently travelling in Israel and found myself taking photos of windows and doors – blue against white stone. Just composing the picture is where I am, trying to capture things differently.”

However, reading is something she always makes time for, whether it’s on the beach or on the subway—I sometimes miss my stop because I’m so into my book!”

Farber at 40

Taly sees 40 as an age when people gain comfort with themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and what they want to be. She sees a parallel with Farber, where the firm has built an identity around family values. “Our culture is family-oriented in the way we treat one another, but it also extends to the respect we have for the family lives of our employees, which has been so important for me. We continue to add more service lines to our business, but we stay true to who we are.”

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