Meet Sachkaran Chahal

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“I never give up,” says Sachkaran. “I won’t let anything go until it’s done, whether it’s a project at work or a movie on TV.” It comes down to a satisfaction and pride in finishing something. He’s also a people person and, as an IT expert, that means working with fellow Farberites on the various tech challenges they face in the course of the day. “I like to be with people and help relieve their stress when they are frustrated. I just want to see a smile on someone’s face to show that I make a difference.”

A lover of gadgets
Sachkaran loves gadgets of all kinds, but especially smartphones. “Technology drives me,” he admits. He’s even designed his house as a smart house. “If you come to my front door, your presence will be announced and a digital lock will open for you if you’re authorized, based on facial recognition.” While at home, Sachkaran can walk into his living room and, with one command, turn on his lights, TV and speakers and go watch his favourite shows. “There are many pieces involved, but I’ve integrated them so they all talk to me in one platform. It’s like magic,” he says excitedly. “It makes me feel like a kid.”

Embracing technology
On a more philosophical note, Sachkaran muses about how technology has become an integral and an increasing part of daily life. Although some people may not be as eager to adopt new technology like Sachkaran, he says, “I have nothing to hide. And yes, we are all being monitored in a way, but we are all safer for it on balance.” He sees artificial intelligence quickly becoming a bigger part of our lives. “Already, your smartphone knows where you’ve been and knows what you like. It senses your patterns and can help you make better decisions. That’s helpful, though.”

Arriving in rural Ontario
The move to Canada from India in 2006 was a bit of an adjustment to say the least. Coming from a warm climate and a dense population, Lindsay, Ontario in the winter seemed a long way from home. He studied at Sir Sandford Fleming in Lindsay and Peterborough and then earned a networking diploma at Humber College. “I thought I would study here and then go home but the culture here suited me so I networked for opportunities and now this is home.” Along the way, Sachkaran met his wife here and they now have a three-year-old son.

Food, fun and fatherhood
Sachkaran prefers “simple and spicy” when it comes to food, and favours traditional Punjabi dishes. For entertainment, he likes movies that make him think. Inception is a favourite film, where Leo DiCaprio steals corporate secrets with dream-sharing technology and even implants ideas into people’s subconscious. Yikes! But in the real world, nothing could be more enjoyable than spending time playing and exploring new things with his young son. “I never learned to swim as a kid,” he admits, “but my son and I will learn together.”

Open architecture at Farber
Sachkaran has been with Farber for almost four years, long enough to see the tech team grow from a fledging group to almost ten, while the user base has grown to about 250. “I love the open policy here,” he says. “Nothing is hidden and it’s a culture where everyone is approachable. There’s a real personal touch.”

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