Meet Rohan Kumar

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Rohan is one of those people whose enthusiasm for life is apparent as soon as he starts speaking. But pay attention if you want to keep up. His words flow as fast as his thoughts—in hyper-speed. Rohan’s primary role is with Farber’s Corporate Finance group, but his skills and energy keep him in demand throughout the firm. Originally an intern at Farber, he returned full-time in 2018 after finishing a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

One-man band
Rohan already has an amazing array of talents and experiences. Take music for starters. If you can picture a one-man band able to play eight instruments—including string, woodwind, and percussion—well, that’s him. He started with the piano at age three and by the time he reached university, he was putting on shows with a troupe of musicians, dancers, and models; raising funds for charitable causes.  Nowadays, music is more a hobby, but it still helps him unwind at the end of the day.

Then there’s technology. “I’m obsessed with technology, and have an app for just about everything,” Rohan confesses. He considers himself bilingual in both Mac and PC—with Apple giving him the tools for his creative ventures like graphics and animation, and his PC acting as the go-to for matters in the business world. “Technology makes my life easier and more productive, but that also means I’ve become dependent on it. It’s something I’m looking to work on.”

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Getting off the trail
It’s hard to imagine someone as driven and tech savvy as Rohan at peace in the remote forests and hills of the Himalayas, but that’s in fact where he spent his school years and where he loves to return whenever possible. It’s given him a love of the wilderness and “getting off the trail,” despite his close run-ins with leopards in the Himalayan jungle. There’s certainly nothing quite like it here in Toronto, though he’s managed to find the odd tranquil spot on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Books and movies both feature in Rohan’s interests, but they fill two different needs. Books are more for information and business and are mostly non-fiction. Movies are to relax and be entertained. “I can fast-forward through a book, but I won’t fast-forward through a movie.”  He loves the worlds of Super Heroes, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and other great sci-fi. But the best of the best has to be Star Wars 4 with its hero journey portraying courage, wisdom, and power. “I aspire to be Yoda,” he half-jokes.

Travel is a big interest too, because it’s a great way to “let go,” he confesses. Rohan has already amassed an impressive list of destinations but, not surprisingly, the Himalayas are his top recommendation. “Everyone should go—the food is incredible; the cultures you encounter are beautiful, and many locations are still untouched. You can sit there looking at the mountain range and feel completely disconnected – a sense of true freedom.” Also memorable was the culture of Italy. “It reminds me a bit of India, if only because they both have a certain ‘working chaos’ about them.”

Finding that happy place
Success to Rohan means that you’re meeting your goals and constantly setting new ones. But it’s not only about ambition and work, though those are important.  It’s really about being happy. “I admire anybody who can devote time to serving others. Selfless people seem to be the happiest.” What else would signal success? “If I’m not living on a beach playing music in 40 years, there’s a problem.”

Rohan thrives in the Farber environment where he says people are driven, but also supportive, with a collective spirit that lifts everyone. He sees Farber’s 40-year run as a product of that vibe, with a ripple effect that compounds throughout the firm. It’s a confidence that inspires his favourite Yoda quote: “Do or do not—there is no try.”

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