Meet Raj Kharakia

Raj standing next to his Tesla model S

Raj is one of those rare individuals who simply exudes positivity. “I’m always in a good mood,” he confirms. “Always Great” or “Amazing” is his famous response. He says, “Life is short, so why take on stress? It doesn’t make you happy. Also, I work in IT, which is a field I enjoy.”

Three loves in his life

Before Raj got married in 2009, he told his fiancée that he already had two loves in his life. She was a bit shocked till he explained that the other two were Google and cars. “We both agreed that she could be first and cars and Google would come second and third respectively.”

Raj uses Google to research his tech-related interests like software coding, and where to find low-cost computer equipment. Bitcoin and Blockchain are two of his tech hobbies and he’s bought equipment to mine the coin at home. For fun, he also plays tech-based games that involve virtual reality.

Then there’s his passion for cars. “I have a Tesla model S,” he exclaims, “and I absolutely love it. I saved up for ten years and finally bought one of my dream cars 2 years ago.” Raj predicts that the demand for electric cars will take off in the next five years, provided we get the charging infrastructure to support it. “Right now, people need to know where all the stations are if they want to go long distance.” Last year, he drove from Toronto to Miami, stopping eight times over the 2,600 km distance. “I managed to do it in 31 hours by planning my trip around the charging stations.”

f mark multiple colours

Family Trip to Portugal and Spain

“My wife and I like to travel—we recently checked off Spain and Portugal this past summer with family members,” says Raj. Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona were all part of the tour, but the real highlight was travelling and spending time with his family.

From Finance to Tech

Raj comes from a finance background. “My parents are business owners and that background is an important cultural thing in India. It was always easy for me to find an accounting or bookkeeping job.” Raj completed a finance degree in India and then moved to Devry University in Chicago where he upgraded his finance education further. “The toughest part was the language. I didn’t know any English when I landed in Chicago, since I grew up in a rural village in India where we only learned Hindi.”

He worked for 15 years in accounting before finally making the jump to tech. “I knew IT was my passion and I kept looking for a chance to work in that field.” Finally, while working in accounting for Hilton Hotels, he got the opportunity to help out in IT and never looked back.

Farber was Raj’s first opportunity for a pure IT job. “It’s a very good learning environment here,” he says. “Larger organizations tend to have more segregated roles in technology, but here I can see and learn everything.” When asked about Farber’s unique culture, we got a typical Raj response—“Everything’s amazing!”

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