Meet Peter Lee

Peter Lee on a swing beside a wall painting of two children on a swing

Everything about Peter—summer intern turned full-time consultant—screams sports fanatic. Whether it’s basketball or soccer, the excitement of the competition and the comradery gets him going. In Vancouver, it was the Whitecaps and the Canucks, but his recent move to Toronto has fueled his love for the Raptors.

Roots in Soccer

“My main hobby is definitely soccer,” Peter proclaims. He has a recollection as a five year-old in South Korea, watching his home country play Germany in the 2002 World Cup semi-final. In fact, it was the catalyst in getting him interested in soccer as a competitor and a fan. “I’ve played since I was six or seven,” he recalls. He still keeps it up recreationally and even got involved in coaching youth soccer at one point.

As a rabid soccer fan, he took an early liking to Manchester United. “That got me interested in the English Premier League and then it eventually trickled down to all the leagues.” Peter even wound up going to Vienna for his exchange semester at university, partly so he could watch European soccer in real time and take in the game atmosphere.

Toronto – land of earmuffs and opportunities

Moving from Vancouver, Peter found the change in winter weather a bit hard to get used to. “When I arrived in Toronto, I was hit with a slap-in-the-face dry cold—I had to learn what earmuffs were.”  However, Toronto also has a fast pace that he enjoys. “I see Toronto as a great place for work and career opportunities. I also like the big city feel and the sense of connection to the wider world.” Of course, exposure to Toronto’s sports culture has been a bonus.

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Peter’s parents coaxed him into playing piano at a young age, but he wasn’t that enthusiastic.  He eventually traded the piano for a guitar, and it stuck. He quickly shifted from formal lessons to YouTube in order to play his favourite songs. “I started a band with some friends in grade 7 and we tackled Viva La Gloria by Green Day. That’s the first song I remember trying to learn.”  These days he enjoys R&B and acoustic songs that he can play on his own time, while also connecting with other like-minded artists who like to jam. He’s even started to branch out to other instruments, “Last week I bought a bass guitar just to try something different!”

Travel time

“I think everyone should travel at some point in their lives,” advises Peter. “It’s much more than a cliché.” He found his travels in Europe helped him appreciate distances and diversity in the world. “It really humbles you and teaches you how small your own problems really are.”

And for Peter, journeying through Southeast Asia this past summer gave him the chance to share some great adventures with his childhood friends. There’s just no substitute for driving motorbikes to the highest peak in Thailand, only to be met by a torrential rainstorm. “That’s the most rain I’ve seen in my life,” he recalls. “We managed to get pelted with harsh rain and sunburnt in the same day.” Although the experience (at the time) was less than ideal, it’s a story he’ll cherish for years to come.

Fitting into the Farber Family

Peter was an intern with Farber before signing on full-time and considered it “the steepest learning experience I’ve had so far.” He found himself engaged in client work right off the bat, with tight deadlines to meet. “They trusted me and offered a lot of autonomy, but still supported me so I could succeed.” He’s also found that the family atmosphere at Farber is more than just talk. “Everything is more personal here, and it has made me more invested in working for the team.”

Much like sports, his drive, tenacity and willingness to embrace the culture will come in handy as he starts his corporate career with Farber.

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