Meet Peter Crawley

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Pete might not appear to be an extreme kind of guy, but his hobbies and interests tell a completely different story. Pete—a Managing Director with the Restructuring practice—loves extreme sports, such as windsurfing in the Pacific and mountain biking over rough terrain. For winter sports, he prefers downhill skiing and ice hockey, which also take their toll in bumps and bruises. “Skydiving might be interesting,” he ponders, “but my insurance company and my wife might not like the idea.”

Mountains were made for skis and bikes
“I do an annual trip to the west to ski in the Rocky Mountains,” Pete declares. It’s taken him to Colorado, Utah, and BC, including resorts at Squaw Valley, Revelstoke and Kicking Horse. For more of a cardio workout, he turns to mountain biking. “You don’t have to worry about getting hit by a car when you’re off-road, but sometimes trees can jump in front of you.” Pete generally takes to biking with other guys his age, “looking for that secret fountain of youth.”

…and oceans are for windsurfing
Pete’s windsurfing interest started at summer camp when he was a kid. Since then, he’s plied his skills in some pretty challenging waters, including trips to Maui and Australia. “Maui is my happy spot,” he confesses. “It has great windsurfing and the best seafood food. A bit expensive but worth it and we always meet interesting people there.”

But family comes first
The Crawleys number five in total—six if you count their Springer Spaniel. The three kids keep active in school and sports. It’s a busy life with work and family. “I try to decompress after work, so I can be a dad when I get home. We do our best to keep the homework up and the screen time down.” Pete also enjoys cooking for the family—at least if it involves a barbecue. “Low and slow” is his advice for ribs, but he’s also a fan of Italian food and steak.

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Some day…
Pete imagines travelling more when he and his wife are empty nesters. Of course, there’s bound to be a sports purpose in mind and destinations with mountains can be great for biking or hiking. Travels to date—not including Maui—have included Europe and three visits to Australia. “We’d like to do more of the warmer parts of Europe, perhaps Spain.”

And if there were a skill he’d like to master, it would be playing the guitar. “We have three in the house, but I just haven’t gotten to it.” He has a soft spot for the classic rock of the ‘80s and manages to take in a few concerts a year.

Building a brand
Pete recently passed the decade mark with Farber. “We were only about 80 people when I joined” he reflects, “and now we’re three times that.” Mostly, he enjoys the freedom to build his own franchise within the Farber brand. “I like our entrepreneurial spirit and the way the firm provides the tools and freedom to generate business.” At the same time, he sees the Farber reputation for integrity and reliability growing stronger, as evidenced by its 40-year milestone. Pete concludes that “having a team behind me, like the one we have at Farber, allows us to go into the market with the confidence of knowing that we can deliver results.”

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