Meet Noah Litwack

Noah Litwack Faces of Farber

If it were up to Noah, he would be locked in a studio, buried up to his ears in musical instruments and audio production equipment. Not that he wasn’t once already. But his musical calling has had its share of distractions with his busy career as a restructuring professional, his passion for sports and, of course, his love for his fast-growing family. We’ll get to those other things in a minute.

The Musician Within
As a musician, Noah learned to play piano as a child, graduated to guitar, and at one point pursued music production. He even cut a digital release, though he concedes it wasn’t exactly Juno or Grammy worthy. When he wasn’t creating music, he was performing as a DJ for finicky crowds or soaking in the sounds at concerts and club shows! “If I didn’t have to sleep” muses Noah, “I would probably go back to playing and writing music.”

Consummate Sportsman and Fiction Fan
And then there’s the world of sports. Noah grew up playing every popular sport known to Canadians – baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, football and golf. Baseball was his first love and played most of his life until a shoulder injury intervened. Hockey has since filled the space in Noah’s life that baseball once occupied, as he regularly plays in adult recreational leagues and at shinny skates. “There’s also golf, but that’s more of a social thing and involves travelling around to play nice courses—the scenic ones.” Memorable tracks include Furry Creek, situated right on Canada’s west coast near Squamish, and Predator Ridge in the Okanogan Valley region of the B.C. interior. “Those [courses] were amazing for the views alone.” He admits that his golf game is best described as consistently inconsistent, so, with the limited time available to practice, he keeps his score expectations low (or lofty, depending on how you look at it!).

And speaking of hard training, Noah has been following a rigorous regimen in preparation for the 2019 season of Game of Thrones. That’s right—he’s been re-watching previous seasons just to get ready. It’s his fiction genre of choice. Noah cut his teeth on Lord of the Rings as a youngster, as well as a slew of detective stories—he’s still a Sherlock Holmes fan.

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Family Man
Nowadays, though, Noah has more important pursuits—family life. In what amounts to a few short years, he’s gone from bachelor living to a family of 3.5—his second child is due later this year. “I expect we’ll add a dog to the mix at some point, as well,” he predicts, “since my wife is definitely an animal person.”

Travelling isn’t really in the cards until the kids are a bit older, but he has a special spot for the Emerald Isle. “If I had an open ticket, I’d go see more of Ireland—Cork, or the Cliffs of Moher, or maybe Donegal where my ancestors lived. What’s not to like about Guinness stout and Jameson’s Irish Whisky?” Noah thinks that London is also a fabulous city but nothing quite compares with Edinburgh, “with its beautiful rolling hills and old cobblestone streets along the famous Royal Mile,” he explains.

Farber at 40
In the Farber family, Noah’s been with the firm for just over 10 years now. He started out working on the consumer side of Farber’s insolvency practice. “Things were different then,” he recalls. “The total business has basically tripled in size.” But what hasn’t changed is that every day brings a new challenge—“you never have two restructuring engagements that are the same, which means you have to think on your feet and come up with a new solution that works for everyone involved. Fortunately, we have a great team—people are supportive and friendly, and everyone wants us to succeed as a whole.”

40 years of Farber? “That sounds a bit scary to me,” admits Noah, “since I’m staring down age 40 for myself soon enough. But it really reflects tremendous longevity from pretty humble beginnings and that’s amazing!”

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