Meet Nick Compton

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Nick is the first to admit that his appearance is about as far from the stereotypical IT analyst as you can get. Big and burly with a low voice and an infectious laugh, he seems better suited to be coaching a football team than supporting hyper-converged infrastructure, unifying firm communications, and tinkering with laptops. At first blush, anyway. However, let him describe his career interests and there’s no doubt he’s in his element with technology—just talking about building custom technology systems gets him revved up.

Nick is actually an import from the US, though it sounds like we have his wife to thank for initiating the trek north of the border. They opted to leave the madness of New York City for Toronto—where they’ve both managed to find rewarding careers.

Marine Life
He spent the formative years of his working life in the US Marine Corps.  As a sergeant, he was responsible for executing the commander’s orders, which meant motivating and leading his Marines to get the job done, whatever the directive. The military also helped foster Nick’s taste for travel, where memories of east Asia—Hong Kong and Japan, in particular—helped plant the travel bug. “It’s all about history, culture, and languages,” says Nick, “the things that prove we’re all so different, and yet we’re all the same.” In terms of influences in his life, he points to his Marine mentors, but also to numerous school teachers (including his mother, who was a teacher) who provided care and direction when he was younger.

Education and Animation
When he has free time, Nick loves to read fiction, both historical and contemporary—especially if there’s a military angle. And he’s a big fan of Archer, an animated comedy series, starring a suave master spy in the world of espionage. His downtime also includes playing computer games (surprise!) and if there’s one skill he’d like to master, it would be (re)learning to play the guitar.  But then career ambitions resurface. “If I didn’t have to sleep” Nick muses, “I’d use those hours to work on a master’s degree in information security.”

Getting it Right
Success to Nick is about performance. It means getting things right the first time and doing them in a timely manner.  It also requires heeding the lessons along the way so that success is easier the next time. “It might be a bit idealistic, but that’s the goal.”

Nick loves coming into the office and working with people who are friendly and collaborative even when things become high-tempo or stressed. “You can show up to work happy and look forward to working with people you care about.” As a relative newbie—joining Farber in early 2018—Nick is impressed by the 40-year milestone of the firm and sees it as a testament to the culture of dedication to our clients and his fellow employees. “We’re operating strategically and we’re growing, which gives me confidence.”

In a cheer that sounds more like the football coach than an IT professional, Nick proudly concludes “Go team Farber!”

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