Meet Namay Sharma

Namay in a forest beside a green truck

I’m competitive with everything I do,” claims Namay, “but particularly when it comes to gaming.” His game of choice has been Overwatch, though lately he has been trying his hand at World of Warcraft. “It’s a great way to stay connected, so it’s something I’ll do with friends on weeknights or whenever we get a chance.”

It helps that Namay has a feel for computers. “I’ve been a PC person since I was 12,” he explains, “and I’ve built and upgraded my computers regularly.” His main source of learning has been YouTube and other online resources. “I also try to stay current in the digital marketing world as much as I can, integrating new skills and trying to stay at the forefront. Right now, I’m learning the Salesforce marketing automation tool.”

Working out while staying in

For a good workout, Namay favours the gym, where he can go hard on the weights. During the pandemic, he took to fashioning his own gym, with a dip stand, a pull-up bar, and a bit of improvisation with resistance bands. With a little help from his Dad, who is a hydraulic engineer, he also came up with a homemade set of dumbbells for doing lifts. “I try to get in my weight workouts in the evening or early in the morning—the heavier the better.” He adds. “When things open up again, I’m going to take advantage of the Farber perk and join Goodlife.”

Namay’s interest in fitness and sports extends to the screen. His recent recommendation is the two-season comedy entitled Ted Lasso, in which Jason Sudeikis plays a college-level American football coach who is unexpectedly recruited to coach an English Premier League team.

Heavy metal inspiration

Of course, there’s nothing like a little heavy metal for lifting weights. Namay remembers first hearing the song To Catch a Flame by British metalcore band Oceans Ate Alaska, when he was working out in the gym. “It was my best workout ever, so I decided I should learn to play it myself,” Namay recalls. So, he enlisted his guitar instructor to help with the chords and now it’s part of his repertoire, along with tunes such as Thunderstruck, by ACDC. “My parents hate the electric guitar, especially when I crank up the amp to play in the evenings,” Namay concedes.

Landscape photography

Namay also has an eye for the photo lens and loves capturing landscape photography. National Geographic was an early inspiration for him. “I got into photography in 2015 and became really interested in some of the work I saw others post online. Some of their colours were amazing.” At one point, Namay actively posted his work on Instagram, shooting mostly with his trusty Canon T3i. “At one point, I managed to build a decent following with a lot of engagement,” he remembers.

Warm and Welcoming

Namay describes his impression of Farber as being warm and welcoming. “Everyone has been reaching out. They’re friendly and they care.” He finds the Farber culture to be accepting—“It’s a place where you can be yourself.” Although Namay only recently started his Farber journey he’s quickly finding his stride. As a new member to the corporate marketing team, he’s excited to start leveraging his creative and analytical sides to help to tell the Farber story.

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