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Megha is the type of person who is always willing to put her hand up when an opportunity presents itself. As a Senior Manager in the Restructuring practice at Farber, she gets her share of opportunities working in the fast-paced world of insolvency, turnaround and restructuring. Not to mention, she is also a lawyer, CPA (Canada and India), currently enrolled in the Licenced Insolvency Trustee (LIT) program and a sports enthusiast.

When her small school in the Punjab region of India was recruiting girls to play for the roller hockey team, she decided to give it a try. Fortunately, her sister had a pair of skates that hadn’t been used. Many falls and bruises later, Megha was travelling across the region and representing her state at the national level.

She has since applied the same attitude and drive to other team sports and all aspects of life. She is taking up soccer now, but also likes billiards and ping-pong, and is eager to try her hand at golf. She loves to learn and mentions she learnt swimming from her husband in just a month. Winter in Canada has been an adjustment but has not stopped her from adding downhill skiing to her repertoire.

Learning on the move
Before coming to Canada, Megha lived in half a dozen different cities in India, moving for both school and work. “India is massive, a universe to itself” she says, “and every region has its own cuisine, flora, fauna, people, culture and language.” Living in such a diverse country helped her prepare for her move to Canada. She jokes, “this picture was taken in Kashmir, India, where the temperature was well below zero—probably a sign of how things would pan out in the future!” Through her time in India, she learned to speak Hindi, Punjabi, English, some regional languages and even some French. “When I moved to a new school in seventh grade, I was offered the choice of studying a regional Indian language or French. I chose French but I had to catch up with the rest of the class who had already learned the basics in sixth grade.”

Megha went on to earn her CA and law degree in India and found the legal and accounting professions interesting. “Competition was fierce and although I thrived with respect to my work, it seemed that all I did was work! The concept of pursuing other interests just didn’t exist,” she explains.

She says that she took a leap of faith when she decided to move to Canada. “I have no regrets about the move here. It welcomes professionals, the people are friendly, and the landscape is beautiful. Even the first winter was tolerable,” she jokes. “I like to get out, walk around different neighbourhoods, meet people, learn their history and most importantly, downtown Toronto reminds me so much of Mumbai.”

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On the lighter side of life
“I relax by reading and listening to music,” says Megha. On the creative side, she also enjoys cooking, applying different techniques. She has recently taken an interest in baking different types of breads and cakes. “I am trying to gain a better understanding of art as well,” but she confides that the challenge is discerning what the artist is trying to convey. She has consulted volunteers at the Art Gallery of Ontario as well as art books to learn more about the different painting styles. “There’s cubism, fauvism, impressionism—so far, I like the impressionists the best.”

Enablement: the Farber Formula
There is much that Megha likes about Farber, but mostly she finds it to be a supportive and enabling environment. “People are encouraging and approachable at Farber,” she concludes. “We have lots of industry and practice experts here and I seem to be able to learn something from everyone. I give utmost importance to learning and career growth, and it has been a steep learning curve, just the way I like it.” “The culture here is more like a family,” she notes, “so it’s not just work. I can focus on professional and personal pursuits.” This work-life balance gives her plenty of time acclimate to her new home and focus on her latest soccer moves.

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