Meet Manal Khan

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Whether she’s strategizing to solve a client problem or trying to level up in the latest video game, Manal is always one step ahead of the competition. An engineer turned senior consultant, her day-job consists of helping clients improve their business processes. However, when she’s not in the office you can find her exploring the city, socializing with friends and, of course, diving into the world of her latest video game obsession.

City slicker  
A former suburbanite, Manal now spends most of her time in the city. Although there’s not nearly as much space in her tiny condo, she loves the convenience of having the city at her fingertips. She’s a social butterfly and loves making new friends, but she also admits she likes her alone time, “I’m a social introvert—I love being around people and going to social events, but I need my time to reset and refresh.”

Living in one of the most diverse cities in the world also open ups her dining options. She admits she loves trying out different types of foods from the various restaurants around the city; her current fixation is Thai food, along with any other food that has an array of spices and savoury flavours.

Food, travel, and more food
Manal also enjoys travelling when she has the time. In fact, she usually picks her next destination based on the food she likes. “I don’t travel too much, but I definitely travel to eat,” she confesses. So, it’s safe to say a trip to Thailand isn’t too far around the corner.

If you end up taking a trip with Manal, you can go ahead and throw away the itinerary. She enjoys the spontaneity of exploring cities on the fly rather than having a checklist. “Some planning is nice but travelling should be an easy-going process—if I see something interesting, I’ll go experience it. Not everything has to be strictly planned out,” she explains.

When Manal’s not trying new foods, she’s watching it. One of her favourite shows is Netflix’s Chef’s Table, “It’s so visually beautiful and the stories are usually very touching,” she explains. “And the chefs they profile are such creative thinkers—it’s cool to see their approach,” Manal adds. Michelin star chefs typically do have a certain can-do mindset—and that’s something Manal admires and incorporates into her life.

It’s all about mindset
Manal is all about the growth mindset. She’s confident in her abilities and believes she can learn and achieve just about anything she puts her mind to. As a savvy millennial, she’s proud of where she’s at in her life and doesn’t really pay attention to societal pressures, “I think this is the generation that’s starting to question things and figure out there’s much more to life than following a predetermined path.” As you can guess, Manal enjoys figuring out her own route—both in her personal life and her work as a senior consultant.

One of the secrets to her success—improv. She uses improv to help improve her ability to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. “The old me would have panicked, but I’m now equipped with the confidence and ability to handle any situation thrown my way,” she explains. She admits she only did improv after her manager suggested and encouraged it—and it’s that kind of advice and support she’s very thankful for.

Manal confesses, “I feel that I’m the luckiest person in this firm because my team is genuinely supportive, and they really care about me as a person.” And it’s the people at Farber that inspire her every day, “this type of working environment is something I’ve never seen before. There’s so much support and so much openness. There’s very little sense of hierarchy and everyone’s willing to work together and get along,” she adds.

With almost three years under her belt at Farber, Manal offers some parting advice to anyone reading, “If you’re genuine, have integrity, and get along with people, then you will be successful here.”

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