Meet Laura Malakovski

It’s easy to see why Laura’s life is focused so much on family matters. Her two children are very active and involved in so many ventures, it’s almost too much to list! Her 10-year old son plays hockey and guitar, not to mention doing stand-up comedy and improv. “I guess it’s better for him to get used to public speaking now, rather than when he’s 30,” Laura reasons. Meanwhile, her eight-year old daughter plays piano and competes in gymnastics. Both also take karate three times a week. Add to that the holiday season with concerts and recitals and you’ve got a pretty packed schedule.  

STEM’s a gem (Science, technology, engineering and math, that is) 

Among Laura’s own activities, yoga is a favourite past time when she gets the chance, “if I had more time, exercise is definitely where I’d like to spend it” she says. However, asked if she could make anything an Olympic sport, she figures her best prospects would be in mathematics. “If I didn’t have to worry about making a living, I’d have gotten a degree in math and pursued a career there,” she admits. “But I saw more opportunity in engineering.”  

In fact, Laura’s studies in engineering have wound up serving her well in her career. “Before getting involved in recruiting, I was in the auto manufacturing industry for 15 years,” she explains. She now looks after an array of manufacturing and engineering searches for Farber’s executive search practice.

Kicking back with a flick or some fiction 

When there’s time to relax, Laura likes to either hang out and socialize with friends, or just sit back and watch a movie with her husband—maybe with a glass of wine in hand. Action movies are the preferred choice. She also loves to read whenever she has some time. “I‘ve always liked dystopian novels like Hunger Games or books by Margaret Atwood,” Laura says. “I also enjoy Dan Brown, especially with all the facts and research he incorporates in his stories. Other times I’m quite happy with a suspenseful page-turner. 

To Europe and beyond 

Travel is on Laura’s list of to-dos. I managed to get to France, Spain and England after university,” she recalls. “Dubai is definitely on my bucket list and I’d love to explore Europe more extensively, especially Italy, but that might need to wait till the kids are a bit older and can enjoy it with us.” There’s also a desire to get to Macedonia at some point. “My heritage is Macedonian,” explains Laura. “I still have relatives there and would love to go visit.” 

Health and happiness 

What’s Laura’s definition of success? For her, it comes back to family once againsuccess is about achieving happiness and for me that means being with family and friends, keeping everyone healthy and spending time together.” Ah, the simple pleasures.  

Her mantra of happiness seeps into her work life as wellLaura’s involvement with Farber dates back to when the executive search practice was set up in 2015. “I absolutely love the culture,” she exclaims. “It’s so easy to be engaged at Farber and I admire the ethics of the group. It’s all about treating people like people and putting integrity first.”   

After talking to Laura, one thing is clear—whether at home or in the office, maintaining a balance is the true key to happiness for Laura, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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