Meet Larry Baldachin

Larry is a big fan of jazz. “I’ve been collecting vinyl for most of my life, and I probably have a couple thousand records now, including jazz music from the 40s, 50s and 60s.” He played saxophone in high school and took a shine to jazz’s hard bop era. “My favourite album would be Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, with John Coltrane on sax.” Larry bought his first two collectible jazz albums while on his honeymoon, including early pressings of Lee Morgan’s The Sidewinder and John Coltrane’s Blue Train. “I bought both records for about $100.00 or so. I love the music and they’ve gone up in value, so it’s been a good investment I’ve been able to enjoy!” A passion for music runs in the family—Larry’s wife plays the flute, his two daughters learned piano and guitar and his son has been banging on the drums since he was four or five.

Music, wine and home cooking

Wine is also a big interest for Larry. “I have a pretty good collection and I’ve always liked learning about varietals, where they came from and how pairings work with food.” As collecting goes, though, he sees vinyl having advantages over wine. “With wine, you eventually consume it—but the records live on forever. Music is also healthier since it doesn’t add to your calorie count.”

But there’s no denying the two go together. In Larry’s case they both fit well with his culinary pursuits. “I’m the cook in the house,” he proclaims. “I tend to open the fridge and take my inspiration from what’s there.” Barbecue is a year-round thing, but so is coming up with recipes from different cultures. “I make my own curry—that way I can control the spice levels.” He’s had success making vegetarian dishes; using lentils, cauliflower, different legumes and even tofu. “So, my curry cauliflower has peanut butter, coconut, orange juice, and cumin—put it all together and you get a very different flavour.” And, if you add a bottle of wine and some background jazz, your evening is complete!

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Who-dun-its and who-did-whats

Larry reads a lot. Crime novels are a favourite, such as Ian Rankin’s stories of Inspector Rebus, the Scottish detective. Biographies are a hit too, like Ken Dryden’s book about hockey coach Scotty Bowman. Not surprisingly, he also gravitates to bios about jazz musicians, like composer Thelonious Monk or sax player Dexter Gordon.

Travel time – business or pleasure

“I like traveling for business as much as for pleasure,” Larry admits. “Business travel has introduced me to new ways of engaging with clients.” He describes how in India you will sit down with some chai and discuss your respective families to build a personal connection before getting down to business. In the US and UK, on the other hand, you tend to stick to the agenda. Larry has travelled extensively for pleasure as well but would like to do more family trips—Australia and Italy are destinations at the top of the list.

New to Farber

Larry has been with Farber a short time, having recently joined as Managing Director of Business Advisory Services. He’s found the reception to be warm and welcoming, with a real family-like culture, “it’s been great getting to know people who feel the same way about the firm and clients while working with each other.” Much like his family’s musical prowess, everyone at the firm seems to be perfectly in sync—just how Larry likes it.

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