Meet Kristin Barham


Kristin in front of beach scenery

“I’m the biggest basketball fan you’ll ever meet,” Kristin exclaims. Needless to say, she was in her element during the recent NBA playoffs and was ecstatic when the Raptors won. “Surreal,” she says, “I still can’t believe it.” She wasn’t able to make it to the victory celebration downtown, but was impressed by the unity of the city. “It was great to watch the coverage of the event and see everyone cheering together!” If Kristin isn’t watching or talking about basketball, she’s in the gym playing it. “I absolutely love the physicality and the challenge. By far, it’s my go-to sport—I could play for hours, no matter how tired I get.”

Travel: From London to Lion King
Kristin also has a love for travel but regrets she hasn’t had a lot of time to get away. “Number one on my bucket list is Europe,” she says. She’s intrigued by the historical aspect of the old world, especially England. And if there’s a fictional place she could visit? “Anywhere in the Disney universe, for sure.” She’s been to Disney World in Orlando and loved it. “It has a special atmosphere with an element of magic even for adults.”

It’s all about the food
Of course, the best part of travel is the food. “I’m very much a foodie,” she admits. “I like experiencing new things and going to new places, but it’s the food that interests me the most.” Variety in cuisine is great, but Caribbean is the clear favourite. “If I could make eating an Olympic sport, I would win, as long as it’s Caribbean food.” She credits her Jamaican father for influencing her tastes.

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Music and Michael
If there were a skill she’d like to master, it would be playing a musical instrument – piano, saxophone and drums are all appealing. And though she claims to be open in her musical taste, Michael Jackson stands out above the rest. “I love all his music from the Jackson Five through to his last album,” she says. “Every song on his albums is like a hit single and his dancing was mesmerizing.”

Ah, the classics
“I enjoy reading when time permits,” says Kristin. “My favourites are the classics, the old books of fiction.” She recently finished The Three Musketeers and is gathering her energy to to take on Les Miserables and The Odyssey, both rather lengthy reads. “Understanding the language in some of the older works can be challenging,” she admits, “but I want to get to as many as I can.”

A people person
In school, Kristin considered herself a math person. She studied economics but took to a couple of human resources classes towards the end of her studies and was eventually drawn to what she terms, “HR as a strategic business partner.”

Kristin has been with Farber just over a year now and feels she’s getting a great opportunity to learn more about HR as a function. “I’m really a people person and like interacting with others on daily basis anyway I can. I’m often asked by job candidates what I like best about Farber and my answer is always the people and the family environment. I love the people I work with and enjoy coming to work every day.”

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