Meet Jill Timtim

Whatever time of day, Jill likely has a tune on her mind. “I love to sing regardless of my mood,” she confesses. “It’s very therapeutic, even humming helps me throughout the day.” As one of the newest Farberites, we hope she’s singing songs of joy.

Music is a family thing

Jill’s singing isn’t just a solo distraction. She also writes songs and performs with her brother at church and social gatherings like baby showers or weddings. When asked what are some of her favourite hits to perform, “It depends on the event,” says Jill, “but if it’s upbeat, I’m asked to sing Love on Top or No One and if it’s a ballad, then Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You is also a favourite.”

Apparently, singing is a bit of a family thing. “I got into it because of my mom, who a was soprano singer. And growing up, my uncle had a karaoke bar where I would go with friends and just sing.”

Jill’s creative side also extend to painting. “I’m just learning,” she admits, having gotten into it recently. She describes her first painting as a stormy sea, inspired by a biblical reference. “It’s become my creative outlet which really complements my music.”

Movie marvels and more

On the entertainment front, Jill loves watching movies and has always been fascinated by acting. “Sometimes, we’ll have a movie watching party, which is a great way to bond,” she notes. Recently, she’s been getting into the Marvel universe with the aid of Disney+, even partaking in the odd binge watching.

She’s also a fan of Korean dramas and variety shows. One of her favourites is Running Man, which has a reality-variety theme where celebrities compete every week with different games and challenges.

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And Bingo was his name, oh!

During the pandemic, Jill managed to acquire a new four-legged friend, named Bingo. “He was given to me by a friend. I was hesitant at first because of the long-term commitment,” she admits, “but he’s sweet—and goofy.”

Bingo is a miniature bull terrier and gets a lot of curious looks from passersby. “I don’t think there are many of his breed in Toronto,” she surmises, noticing that people will sometimes go out of their way to ask about him. “He’s not big but quite strong and can even pull me up hills when I’m hiking.” And Bingo doesn’t lack energy. “I have to walk him at least four kilometres a day,” she exclaims. But Jill considers Bingo a great addition to her life, since it’s gotten her more active and has also prompted her to meet lots of neighbourhood folks on her dog-walking tours.

Tour and travel

Jill maintains close family ties and that makes for some great travel fun as well. “We visit relatives in New Jersey, Maryland and even California.” Further afield, Jill would like to do some touring in southeast Asia as well. “I’m looking forward to visiting Japan and South Korea, as well as Singapore at some point,” says Jill, “and hopefully there is a family vacation ahead in the Philippines next year.”

The Farber fold

Jill recently joined Farber’s growing Facilities team and she has been quick to impress. What started out as a temporary role, quickly turned into a full-time gig, and she couldn’t be more thrilled, “The people at Farber are so welcoming and it’s truly a great place to work. There’s always something new happening and it brings me joy to help create a positive and efficient working environment. I’m looking forward to working and growing here.”

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