Meet Jill Renton


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Like many, Jill admits she fell into a career in executive search—and she wouldn’t have it any other way. A bona fide go-getter, part-time yogi, and absolute people person; she has a passion for continual learning, self-improvement, and helping candidates and clients achieve their goals.

Jill has only been with the firm for less than six months, but she already feels right at home at Farber. From her infectious laugh to her willingness to embrace the firm culture, some would say she’s been with the firm for years.

Observing Human Nature
Equipped with a psychology and philosophy background, Jill has a deep-seated curiosity for figuring out why humans do what they do. When she’s not at work researching or interviewing candidates, you will find her at home curled up with her favorite book—diving deep into the human psyche. Case in point, her latest literary endeavour includes Robert Greene’s The Laws of Human Nature.

The Finer Things
Although she hasn’t travelled nearly as much as she would like, she confesses she would hop on a plane to Paris if given the chance. She doesn’t quite know what it is, but she’s always been drawn to the French culture—including old black and white French movies and the cuisine.  

If you’re dining with Jill, she’ll probably opt for the steak tartare and a glass of red wine followed by her favorite dessert—tiramisu. At the same time, she could easily go for a good old-fashioned cheeseburger. Either way, she’s content.

party f graphicHuman Connections
As a researcher, Jill keeps busy trying to find the right talent for the right clients. Like most roles, her job comes with challenges, but that doesn’t phase her one bit, “I knew joining Farber would challenge me and keep me engaged, but I feel my psych background can be complimentary to the recruiting world,” she reveals. “I think the most important thing in life is human connection, and that’s something I strive for when working with candidates, clients, and colleagues,” Jill adds.

When asked about her time at Farber so far, she explains, “Farber is so much more than the team I’m on—being a part of the larger business is an amazing opportunity.” While she’s very focused on excelling in her role, she loves hearing about other departments and how they all interconnect and compliment one another. “You can literally ask anyone to grab a coffee and they are willing to explain what they do, how they help clients, and have a really great conversation at any level of the organization,” Jill happily explains.

And when it comes to the continual pursuit of self-improvement, she is very optimistic, “I feel so supported—there’s such a strong emphasis on building the business, but there’s also a lot of emphasis on making sure each person feels supported in their own professional goals.”

Although her time at Farber has been brief so far, it’s safe to say, Jill has already hit her stride. She has a positive outlook on her time at Farber and looks forward to building on the momentum she’s gathered along the way—both personally and professionally.

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