Meet Geanina Schmidt

Geanina is still relatively new to Toronto, having moved from Montreal about five years ago. “What I miss most about Montreal is the food,” she laments. “Not just French cuisine, but Middle Eastern, Portuguese—even fast food like hot dogs!” She also likes to do a little cooking herself. “I’m about half and half between dining out and cooking,” she estimates. Shepherd’s pie, butter chicken and the classic French dish Boeuf Bourguignon are her favourite go to’s.

Travel for culture and fun

New York City, Miami and Cuba are among Geanina’s repeat destinations. She especially loves New York City because of its vibe. “I’d consider moving there if I could,” she says. “I love everything from their museums and architecture to their unique restaurants and variety of cultures. I love strolling through central park and watching the bustling Manhattan crowd go about their business. There’s something magical about that city that is hard to explain.”

However, travel for Geanina isn’t just about experiencing culture—some action and excitement can make a trip worthwhile. The travel bug recently took her to Iceland, where she checked out an active volcano (from a safe distance of course), hung out with horses, ate puffin (never again!), soaked in the famous Blue Lagoon and was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the northern lights. Likewise, on a recent trip to Vegas, she took in some shows and even tested her aim at a recreational shooting range. What’s next on her list? She’s looking forward to visiting Monaco in the spring, where the big excitement will be the Grand Prix. “The trip starts off in Marseilles and we wind up in Paris,” she says.

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Design and art

An interior designer at heart, Geanina’s currently in the throes of stocking up for her future forever home—with elegant wallpapers, fancy rugs and unique paintings. It’s her love of art which feeds her interest in decorating. “I particularly like art nouveau,” she declares. Her favourite artists are Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha, but she also appreciates many other artists and styles including Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh and various lesser known artists. “I really enjoy exploring museums and admiring the art,” says Geanina, adding that she spent four and half hours at the MET in NYC. “If I didn’t need to eat, I would have stayed much longer!”.

…and the art of deception!

The other “art” she enjoys is the art of deception at the poker table. “I like teaching it and playing it, though I don’t get to play as much as I used to.” says Geanina. “I love winning, obviously, but also studying the habits of everyone at the table. There’s nothing like bluffing others with a lousy hand and getting away with it.” As they say, it’s not about the cards, but how you play the hand!

Learning at Farber

 “I moved from Montreal for many reasons, one of them was to advance my career in insolvency and restructuring,” Geanina recalls. Her first job with Farber was on the consumer insolvency side before moving to corporate restructuring, as an associate, in the downtown Toronto office. “The great thing about Farber is the way they invest in people. The firm encourages us to perfect our skills.” she says. Geanina was interested in learning accounting fundamentals, and also wanted excel training. “I suggested it and they supported it.” She adds that Farber is big on training and promoting professional growth. “It’s an amazing feeling to know that your employer acknowledges your worth and also recognizes your potential.”

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