Meet Faye Smith

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Faye describes herself as being “at a point in life where I want to embrace everything and just do it.” In fact, she has so many interests, it’s getting hard to work everything in.

Jill of all trades
People around Farber know her as a Corporate Administrator, but after hours she morphs into numerous other characters, including Faye the personal trainer, Faye the financial analyst – even Faye the child psychologist.

“I’ve always wanted to be a child psychologist,” she admits. “Now, I’m educating myself to do it, though it may take some time to get there.” But she’s also learning finance on the side, while also taking a course as a personal trainer. “I love exercise, she exclaims. “I do crazy cardio.” It seems to come naturally to her, having been a ballerina for many years.

Facing her fears
Faye admits to a few long-standing phobias, which she’s been tackling head on. “I have an intense phobia of water,” she admits, but on a recent trip to the Dominican, she gathered up her courage and went snorkelling. “The water was rough and I felt myself drifting, but I did it.” She also harbours a fear of heights, but battled back by…what else? A zip-lining excursion! “It’s a goal in life to conquer my fears,” says Faye.

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Lady luck
The next time you’re thinking of buying a lottery ticket, ask Faye to pick the numbers for you. She has a knack for winning. While living in South Africa, she won a canoe trip for two, all expenses paid. “The food was great and so was the wine. We had trouble with the paddling but learned a lot by hanging out with the guides.” Then in 2016, she won a seven-day trip for two to Barbados from CHUM FM. They even threw in $1,500 in spending money. The trip included hanging out with Shaggy and pop band DNCE and enjoying refreshing beverages on a Jolly Roger. “It was awesome,” she reports. “I had to pinch myself every day.”

Born to sing
“Music is in my blood,” says Faye. “I grew up in South Africa where the music scene is very much jazz and I’m a jazz fan myself, including bands like Shakatak.” But her taste for tunes has spurred her to exercise her own voice. “I like to sing in the bathroom, but I’ve also attempted to overcome my shyness by singing karaoke.” Faye did her best rendition of Aaron Neville’s Don’t Know Much to a cheering crowd, much to her surprise. “Maybe I’ll be famous some day,” she jokes.

At home in Canada and at Farber
Faye came to Canada from South Africa in 1994, but it was not an easy transition, especially with the change in weather. “For many years I cried and wanted to go home, but now I love it. People are very open-minded here.” And she finds that sentiment extends to Farber, where she’s been working for almost a year. “The people here are fantastic. Everybody works well here like a well-oiled machine.” Truth is, the Farber culture thrives on inspirational personalities like Faye. For anyone who’s game to try whatever life offers, Faye has this to say: “Come and join me! I’m living the heck out of life!”

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