Meet Dilesh Soni

When a fellow chooses to call Canada home after visiting 41 countries and living on four continents, that says a lot about his regard for our fine country. Or at least it’s strong praise for the City of Vancouver, where Dilesh has lived for the past six years. “I was raised in South Africa and lived in England for a short while before coming here,” he explains. “Vancouver really grew on me and I’ve adapted my lifestyle to the west coast. It’s a nice change from the fast pace of London I was used to.”

A love of Latin America and its languages
South and Central America have been highlights of his journeys—Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay and Panama were memorable. “But I still need to visit Colombia,” he insists. Dilesh loves to learn languages and his current goal is to become more articulate in Spanish—so far, it’s just English and Afrikaans. “I can survive in Spanish, but I still struggle a bit trying to construct sentences.”

Sports are for doing and watching
Dilesh is a sports enthusiast in both action and spirit—he’s an athlete and a fan. “I’m always looking for a new summer sporting activity,” he explains, like biking or running events that are combined with charitable causes. “I’m training for a half marathon now and I run three times a week with partners.” Tennis is a huge passion as well. “I’m always trying to tweak my game and find new competitors.”

As a sports fan, he follows international football closely and gets caught up in the hype of World Cup events. He’s also attended Formula 1 race car events in England and Belgium, as well as Grand Slam tennis championships—including the Australian Open and Wimbledon. “I’m big on Nadal,” he confides, but he’s also excited about all the young Canadian talent poised to excel when some of the old guard move on. “And of course, once NBA season finishes, well, we have American football to watch!”

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Films and favourites
Dilesh’s love of entertainment extends to movies and TV series. During Oscar season, he immerses himself in the latest films and hosts an Oscar party at his house. “I print out the script and everyone watches the whole awards show—which doesn’t run as late on the west coast. We even have prizes.” He also enjoys watching a good series, especially if they’re packed with drama and politics. Money Heist and Occupied are a couple of his favourites, along with Game of Thrones, Billions and House of Cards. He’s also a fan of the series Narcos, which partly accounts for his interest in visiting Colombia.

Family bonds at a distance
He describes himself as having a strong family orientation, though distance makes things challenging. “I have a brother in England and a sister in Dubai, but we try to get together as often as we can,” he explains. “And I have a beautiful four-year-old niece who’s visiting me here this summer for her first time in Canada!”

Dilesh joined Farber two years ago with the opening of the Vancouver office. “It’s been fascinating,” he says. “The culture is family-oriented and collaborative, but it’s also entrepreneurial. And even though most of our executive search colleagues are in Toronto, the culture is extended and we’re getting traction with the Farber story here.”

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